Ashley Winter Roberts

Hello! I'm Ashley Winter Roberts, and I'm a third-year graduate student in math at the University of Arizona; this is my personal website. My advisor is Dr. Christoph Keller. My research  is in the field of algebra/number theory, focusing on lattices and specifically on the Barnes-Wall lattices.

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Spring 2024 - Math 116

Fall 2023 - Math 120R

Fall 2022, Spring & Summer 2023 - Math 112


Master's thesis project as used for qualifying exam: Exploring the Barnes-Wall Lattice and subgroups of its automorphism group.

-Here's a link to the pdf:

-Here's the Magma code used in the project:

RTG project with Kristine Van: Exploring Barnes Wall Lattices with MAGMA

-Here's a link to the slides we used:

-Here's the Magma code used in the project: