The Mythology Dictionary

Here you will learn about mythology, the creatures of it, and its gods.

Types of mythology:

  • Greek Mythology
  • Norse Mythology

I will also tell you some of the well known stories from mythology and about the creatures present in these stories.

My opinion.

I think mythology is very interesting and have had an interest in it for a long time (mostly because I really like dragons). I think that the stories and creatures in mythology are cool and intriguing. Also, the backstories of the gods and the myths about the odd creatures are different from usual stories. Mythological deities range from those controlling the deepest depths of the earth to the ruler of the heavens. The bizarre, weird, and interesting creatures are like the variety of gods, ranging from dragons to three-headed hell hounds to giant snakes that clung the world with their bodies, ancient civilizations were great at creating new and interesting stories. This is the reason that I wanted to make this website.