This site might tell you a little more about makeup than you thought you knew.

this site will tell you:

  • why people use makeup
  • some history behind makeup
  • how makeup was made

I made this website because i was interested in what makeup had in it and how the whole makeup idea was started. I have been using makeup for a while, makeup is one of my hobbies. It can be used for fun, attraction, and special effects. You can show your personality in makeup. Even though I am 12 I use makeup sometimes. i use makeup for special occasions. I learned how to do makeup on YouTube, I started learning how to do makeup when i was 10 but I didn't really know what i was doing. Now that i am a little older i know some makeup skills that makeup artists do and use. Once you get to know what you are doing it becomes fun. In this website i hope i tell you more about makeup than you have known.