June 24th 12pm-3pm CST

A virtual "unconference" for arts educators

Fall Into Edcamp Arts is an open, free virtual “unconference” hosted on Zoom. We are committed to reaching all educators in public, private, charter, and higher education, with learning and instructional strategies and techniques for the arts to help support teaching for all students.

EdCamp Arts Mission

"to create a space where educators can freely exchange ideas and share resources for best practices that promote and provide a place for essential arts education in our schools and communities."


Reframing means to look at something again with a different point of view. As we emerge out of the darkness of a global pandemic into the brighter days that lie ahead, how should we reframe our view of what the arts look like in the classroom ? More importantly, how can we advocate reframing the arts as an essential part of education?


Reworking calls for making changes to the original version of something. This year has magnified the never ending work in progress of educating our youth. Reimagining our classrooms for the fall may require some revisions in our instructional content and delivery. What plans will you put in place to implement your vision for the next school year?


Refreshing a computer window gives us a new view of the screen with the most updated version of the page, but refreshing the computer itself erases and reinstalls the software to make it like new. While pressing the refresh button is an easy fix, the longer lasting option is to reset and reinstall the computer's software. Refreshing yourself brings new strength and energy to your life. Which way will you choose to "refresh" this summer?

"The Edcamp Community and Edcamp Arts are dedicated to a harassment-free experience for everyone. The Edcamp Community’s Anti-Harassment Policy can be found at: http://digitalpromise.org/edcamp/anti-harassment-policy.”

Our Promise to You

We focus on the LEARNING using a participant driven model and let YOU determine the content in your learning space.

  • Connect with other educators and expand your PLN

  • Ask questions, share ideas, and learn

  • Suggest session content and choose the sessions you want to attend

  • No vendors, keynotes, or formal presentations

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