"How long does it take to install your alarm system?"

"For a hard-wired alarm system about 1-2 days, but a wireless alarm system can be fitted in one day."

"Would I have to take a day or two off work for you to fit the alarm system?"

"No, we can work on Saturdays, or pick-up a key the day before during the week."

"Do you guarantee your work?"

"All our work is FULLY Guaranteed for 12 months"

"How come you do not charge VAT?"

"We are still under the VAT registration threshold."

"What about all the cables?"

"We conceal all cables as much as posible, for a neat professional installation. We can otherwise fit a wireless alarm system."

"How long do the batteries last in the wireless alarm sensors?"

"The batteries last about 3-5 years (with the Masterguard PM-10 system the batteries can last up to 8 years)."

"What if someone tries to compromise the wireless alarm system with a jamming device?"

"Our panels comply with the British Standards for jamming detection. The PM-10 system is a 2 way radio system and has four different RF frequencies."

"How will I know when a battery needs to be replaced?"

"The alarm control panel will inform you and will display the exact detector that needs a battery."

"Do you offer after sales maintenance cover?"

"We offer a no-obligation 12 months Maintenance Contract currently at £45." (same price for the last 10 years!)

"Are your alarm systems easy to use?"

"Yes, a lady in her eighties has used our system. After the installation, we carefully show you how to use the system, to change codes, etc. And remember I am just a phone call away."

"What if there is a power-cut?"

"The standby back-up battery will maintain your alarm system for up to 8 hours without power."

"What if the alarm system goes off for no reason?"

"With our installed and maintained systems, this is rare. Usually the entering of your code will stop the alarm." (all our alarms stop after about 20 minutes and then automatically reset)

"Does your company belong to any inspection group?"

"After 30 years in the business, we rely on our customer satisfaction reputation. It is fair to say that any company that belongs to such a group that (a) it does NOT guarantee value for money and (b) it does NOT guarantee high standard installations."