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FREE Quotes for Intruder Alarms in Bristol


840 Burglaries in Avon & Somerset during March 2019 (source: UKCrimeStats)

'Grandmother in Henleaze Bristol, alone with her grand-daughter, said that our Burglar Alarm System drove away thieves who tried to break-in while they were sleeping!'

'Builder in Hanham Bristol, said that our Intruder Alarm System foiled thieves who tried to break-in through his front door!'

'A couple in Southmead Bristol, said that our Burglar Alarm System stopped thieves from breaking-in their garage, while they were watching TV!'

How to stop False Alarms in Bristol

Make sure your Alarm Battery is regularly checked every year. A below par battery can cause false alarms, wipe out user codes, and render your Alarm System in Bristol, useless in a power cut! Also an out of date battery can get very hot and cause your alarm panel to overload. The batteries we use last five years, but some batteries like Yucel only last three years. Call us today to check your Alarm Battery.

FREE Quotes for Wireless Alarms in Bristol

Very popular with our customers are our Professional Wireless Intruder Alarms.

Mobile phone for accessing alarm system

Mobile phone app for Alarm System

FREE Quotes for CCTV Systems in Bristol

Affordable CCTV Systems, for domestic homes and small businesses in Bristol, that can monitor your premises 24/7.

Our CCTV System saves Bristol Rugby Club £800!

FREE Quotes for Alarm Repairs in Bristol

All our Alarms in Bristol have mostly been recommended by word of mouth! We have also installed our Alarm Systems in Bath and Weston-Super-Mare. We have even fitted our Burglar Alarm Systems in London, where some of our customers who have left Bristol, have insisted in having one of our Security Systems fitted. We also specialize in Alarm Repairs and Alarm Services in Bristol.

UPGRADE your Alarm System in Bristol

Without warning an old alarm box can activate at 3am, which cannot be stopped by codes or removing all power! When this happens, the only way to stop the alarm is by getting a ladder and climbing up to the alarm box and opening it to disconnect the internal battery. Beware of spiders nesting in the alarm box!

We are a Security Systems Company based in Bristol UK. We have protected people from all walks of life, even policemen and doctors! Many times our Alarm Systems have foiled intruders from invading properties. The Home Office recently interviewed imprisoned burglars and 84% of them said that they would not willingly enter a building where a working alarm was fitted. We hope you enjoy our website and should you desire to contact us, you will receive a friendly response.