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The Massey Creations Experience

Massey Creations was founded by Dorthy Massey in 2015 because I found that most soaps have chemicals in them that just aren't good for our bodies. In 2018 I got a Natural Holistic Essential Oils Certification to broaden my skill set so I could begin using plants and their components to help with the natural healing process of our skin, body, and mind.

Massey Creations now has many soaps in fun designs and colors, that are lightly scented, that are mild on your skin, leave you feeling clean, moisturized, and smelling good, as well as blemish bars, lip balms, salves, and essential oil blends to help with problem areas or specific issues, and plant based perfumes that smell great.

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Dorthy Massey

Head Creator

Jemma Massey

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Darren Massey

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