Welcome to the MA District Leader Computer Science Challenge. Following up from the elementary session at the MASS Convening on January 25, we are providing district leaders another hands-on computer science activity – this time focused on middle school. By participating in the challenge, district leaders can learn more about CS, raise awareness of CS education, and have the opportunity to win CS programming for their district.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is described below.

Mission: CS Possible

  • Challenge: Use the micro:bit provided to program a message of district pride
  • Submission: Tweet a video/photo of your message using the hashtag #CSpossible and tag @massupt, @Mass_STEMHub & @PLTW
  • Resources/Guidelines: Resources on physical computing, block-based coding, and micro:bits available on this site

Creativity encouraged · Student help allowed · Bugs and setbacks expected · Perseverance required

CS Mission Possible Video.mp4

Prize: Elementary Computer Science CURRICULUM & TRAINING through PLTW LAUNCH for SY 2018-19

Click below to accept your mission & access additional resources