After leaving my experience at AWLS the message and education lives on with the work I do with my students each and every day. I promised myself that this school year (2019/20) I would be sure to give opportunities to my students to discover the JOY of outdoor education, build CURIOSITY in investigating case studies that directly impact OUR world, and make it a priority for my students to get outside and experience science!

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Outdoor Adventures - Block Days

I went back instantly to my colleagues and discussed the need to get our students outside. In agreement they were all on board to utilize our blocked time once a month for outdoor exploration and utilize our natural areas around the school to help students explore and investigate the science world around them!

August 2019: Project Wild: Micro Hike

September 2019 - Project Wild: Urban Nature Walk

Discovering Evidence of Nature Around Our School

September 2019 - Field Trip: Ohio River Foundation, Nesbit Park (Loveland, Ohio)

October 2019 - ESA (Environmental Study Area) Seasonal Observation Adventure

December 2019 - Cool Ideas Fair (Share Out with Colleagues)

Hosted an presentation to help promote outdoor experiences and opportunities for our students. Discussed the importance in getting out students engaged and connected with the great outdoors.

Cool Ideas Fair