Day 7

Our final full day at AWLS!

Changed! This would be the word to describe how I am feeling on this day! After just a short week with this group I feel different as an individual and an educator. I have always had a passion for science and education. After this experience I have a fire within me to give my students an opportunity to build their appreciation for outdoor education. In an world where so many of our young people are experiencing and learning 1 dimensional on an screen, I want to inspire them to look up......put the device down and embrace the sights, smells, and feeling that nature can provoke within them.

A day of adventure with 3D archery, whitewater rafting, and putting it all together! The adventures of the week lead to significant bonds between so many of us that were at AWLS. We all came with some like minded values.....and a love and passion for nature and science education. We came from all over the country....from Alaska to Florida to Ohio and everywhere between. At the end of the week we celebrated our growth, personal successes, and excitement to share our experience of AWLS!

Conservation and management efforts are not a one person job. This world is ours collectively and it will take all of us protecting it to keep it together for future generations. From stories, explorations and education we will lead our younger generations through journeys of discovery to the wonders and beauties of all that mother nature has to offer each person! Management is not only a science but also an art form to set appropriate goals for the wildlife and fisheries to protect their habitat and populations. We will continue to have leaders emerge much like President Roosevelt, Aldo Leopold, John Muir, and many others that will place protecting our wilderness in the forefront in order to conserve these natural treasures!

"There are no words that can tell the hidden spirit of the wilderness"