Day 1

As I got off the plane in Jackson Hole, Wyoming I was greeted by the marvelous Grand Tetons range! This was my first time in Wyoming and I have to say this is an amazing, "Welcome to our State!" Let the ADVENTURE begin!

As I drove towards the AWLS camp I had so many questions about what I would see in terms of wildlife and plants. My hope was to see a Moose! They have always been one of my favorites!

As we drove into the entrance of camp I was faced with the Hoback and Granite Creek that meet. It was so cool to see the 2 waterways meet and display such differences in color. The Hoback River is a tributary of the Snake River which I had the opportunity later in the week to get a close encounter when we went whitewater rafting down the Snake! Granite Creek is a mountain feed stream that was ripping and roaring while I was there since they had recent rains & snow! As the 2 water ways meet you can see the significant confluence contrast between the 2 water ways due to dilution differences. It was really an amazing site to see it first hand!

At the end of a day full of travel in order to get to the starting point of my adventure I kept a specific thought in my mind. "Beautiful......the complexity yet the simplicity of Mother Nature's art work in Wyoming had me memorized."

Wonders.....As I viewed the snow still very present on the mountain tops of the Bridger-Teton National Forest Range I wondered if there was glaciers present? I also was curious about the health and cleanliness of the water that ran by camp in Granite Creek.

"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better"

-Albert Einstein