Masonic Club of Lyndhurst

Welcome to the Masonic Club! We are situated in the Jacob W. Van Winkle House, housing one of the families who settled this area over 200 years ago, this building has been through many iterations, at first a simple cottage then expanded to a 19th century mansion, a stop on the Underground Railroad and even for a brief time as a speakeasy before becoming the home of the Masonic club in the 1920s Since we have moved in The Masonic Club of Lyndhurst has been an institution in Lyndhurst for its 98 years of existence, serving as a hub for Masonic activity for South Bergen county with Brothers from the all districts in the area and well beyond all banding together to make a place where Masons and the general public can come to relax, unwind and enjoy themselves.

We hope you enjoy our new website, if you have questions please email Have a great day!