Dual drum coiler ZD01

Project finished in 2018.

Dual drum coiler can automatically start winding by feeding and gripping the winded profile on the spool. When drum is full, machine cuts the profile and starts the process on the second drum. During this time, the operator can freely exchange the first spool. All control is based on the EtherCAT network.

Punch for PVC / ABS

Project finished in 2018

Tool intended for manual perforation of PVC and ABS strips. A device designed and made by our team for the customer to produce a trial series of a perforated product.

Cutting machine - follow-up (fly cut) guillotine GL01

Project finished in 2018.

Cutter dedicated for making plastic tubes in short lengths directly in the extrusion line. The device is equipped with central lubrication and liquid cooling system for knife. Control is based on the EtherCAT network.


We also make auxiliary devices for plastic extrusion lines, for example:

  • Raw material level sensor with low level signalling;
  • Leister Air Heater controller that allows precise control of the air temperature and flow;

Process control

We also fabricate and program complete control systems based on Omron and Siemens controllers. From individual machines to entire production lines, especially plastic extrusion lines.

Single drum coiler ZJ01

Project finished in 2016 for PRIMO Profile Sp. z o.o..

Complete modernization of single drum coiler. It is a new machine mounted in old frame. Replacement of old drives with modern Omron servos freed vast amount of space inside the chassis. It allowed us to move whole control system inside and get rid of external control cabinet. Coiler now allows for higher coiling speeds while maintaining smoother laying with more even spacing between rows.