Mechanical Engineering. Computer Aided Design. Industrial Automation.

Mashinada was founded by engineers with experience in conducting research and development projects for research institutions and carrying out automation of industrial processes for commercial customers. The goal of the company's founders was to fully devote to the challenges of automation and machine building in close cooperation with the customer.

Our area of expertise is mechanical engineering with focus on machine construction and automation of industrial processes.

We take care of the entire investment process. From the preparation of design requirements and cost estimations through concept development and design phase to physical construction of the machines. We are also conducting tests and installations complemented by staff training at final location specified by customer.

We are able to accomplish large projects due to close collaboration with experienced engineering staff from other cooperating companies, specialized in machining, welding, sheet metal fabrication, automation systems and programming. Also, we work with scientific and research institutions when there is a need for specific expertise on technological processes.