Home Page

Seniors: Here is a link to creating your own Google Site. With your experience, this is likely to be easier than you think. When you create your site, the options are mostly located on the right had side, but there are some formating options available by clicking on the text boxes.

This set of pages is to serve as a basic example of what you need to include in your own site.

From the home page, will need four subpages:

        • Long Range Plan
        • Personal Inventory
        • Resume and Letters of rec
        • Senior Project

The Senior Project page also a sub-pages:

          • Planning
          • Project
          • Reflection

All the work that you have completed through the Senior Project Guidebooks can be linked within your own site. Please do keep in mind that the due dates in the guidebooks may be out of date.

Ultimately, you need to take the documents you have already created, and link them to your own site to use during your presentation on May 2, 2018 at 6:30pm.

This is my Collection of Evidence that I have mastered the Essential Skills and I am ready to be successful after high school.

My plan is to study to become a Sustainability Architect. This is a career I researched, and all my CIS assessment reports tell me I can be successful in this career.

I will probably attend Chemeketa Community College next year. It would be less expensive to complete my general ed classes at Chemeketa, and the classes are smaller. Once I have my Associate’s degree, I plan to transfer to Portland State to study in their Architecture program.

For my Senior Project, I designed an equipment shed for the JFK baseball field. I learned a lot about building design, about computer assisted drafting programs, and about building codes. It was a fun project, and it makes me all the more excited to major in Architecture as my career.