Curriculum & Technology

In Marysville Public Schools, we are committed to preparing our students for continued success after high school. We offer a high quality and comprehensive curriculum. It is our mission to personalize learning for every student through rigor, relevance and relationships. We have a shared vision that every student will excel, both personally and for the benefit of humanity.

Marysville Public Schools focuses on personalized, engaging, and customized learning environment for each student. Our use of high quality curriculum and resources ensures that all students afforded the opportunity to excel.

Teachers and district staff create high quality learning environments for students by combining content, skill, and conceptual competencies. Competencies include explicit, measurable, and transferable learning objectives that empower students.

Our 1:1 program allows students to access their learning at any time and in any place. This access provides transparent understanding to both students and parents of the learning that is and will be happening.