Battle of the Books

What is Battle of the Books? 

Battle of the books (BOB) is a competition between the Diocesan school.  Each year a list of books is chosen for students to read.  Books are assigned and are to be read on the students own time.  In March/April we will have a test that covers quotes from the books.  Students will need to be able to write the title and author of the correct book.  The top 4 scores will compete for each level, with one alternate.  In May we all go to Christ the King for a competition. Everyone is welcome to come as long as we have enough parent drivers.  

It is a lot of independent reading, and knowledge of the books.  Most participants read the books once during the year.  As it is closer to the event and we know who is going to compete, they students may split up the books to have everyone re read 2-4 books each again before the competition in May.

There are three teams.  A 2/3 grade team, a 4/5 grade team, and a 6-8 grade team.   

Book lists, including previous years lists,  can be found below.

Previous Years Lists