About the Interior Design Internship

ID-400 (Interior Design Internship) is designed to provide a field design experience in the Washington metropolitan area. Appropriate internship sites include interior design firms, architectural firms, governmental design agencies, and businesses specializing in residential and commercial design. Your internship will be monitored by Professor Doug Seidler.

This internship experience is designed to:

  • integrate academic learning with experiential learning.
  • enable students to explore their career goals.
  • enable students to evaluate their preparation for a particular career.

More info for Students and Employers

Internship FAQs

When can I take my Internship?


  • Beginning in the Fall 19 semester, the pre-requisite courses for internship are ID-305 and ID-325. Students must complete both courses with a grade of C or higher to qualify for internship.

Do I have to find my internship?


Yes. Ultimately it is up to each student to search for and receive an internship offer.

Marymount and the Interior Design department offer many resources to help you find an internship including:

  • Handshake is Marymount's internship home with job postings from internship sites in the DC area.
  • All ID students automatically receive emails through the Department's Canvas Course with internship opportunities. This emails are sent to students as they are received from the department.

Learn more about finding your internship here.

Marynet won't let me add ID-400 to my schedule. How do I register my internship?


You cannot register yourself for ID-400 through Marynet.

Okay, so how do I register my internship?


To register, you need to have an internship offer. Once you have an offer, you can report your internship to career services through Handshake. After Career Services verifies your internship, they will register you for ID-400. This process can take up to 5 business days to complete.

Read more here.

When is the last day I can register for internship?


The last day for internship is the last day of drop/add.

The actual dates for upcoming semesters are posted here.

How long is the Interior Design internship?


Most ID internships are 3 credits and last for 120 hours. Some students (in rare instances) complete a 6 credit internship which lasts for 240 hours.

Is the internship paid?


Many internships are paid. Some are not. Ultimately, it will depend on the type of job you are looking for and where you receive internship offers. In general, internships are architecture firms are paid. In general, internships at small residential interior design firms are not paid.

Read more about your rights as an intern here.

And if you have any questions, please ask Doug Seidler.

Who do I talk to if I have additional questions?


If you have any questions about the internship process, please ask Doug Seidler. You can schedule an appointment with him via email.