5th and 6th grade

Weekly Newsletter

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Week of 10/22/18 **RED RIBBON WEEK**

5th: genre: Literary Nonfiction - Students will use notes on biographies from last week, to create a timeline of the most important events that happened in that person's life.

6th: genre: Science Fiction - We will continue to read our novel, A Wrinkle in Time, and discuss plot and character's dialogue.

Vocabulary Assessment November 2nd!

Vocabulary words wk 9-10

5th grade: ancestor, carnivore, comprehend, duration, evident, extinct, ferocious, gigantic, obscure, option, premature, preserve, prey, puny, survive

6th: abundant, arid, distinct, graze, hectic, horde, humid, incredible, inhabit, pennisula, rural, sanctuary, splendor, squalor, terrain

Homework: Students need to read every night to work on our book goal, for 20 minutes or more!

Social Studies/Writing

5th grade- We are finishing up our study on the creation of the 13 colonies. We will have our unit test on Tuesday. Then we will be learning about the French and Indian War, along with events that are leading up to the American Revolutionary War.

Writing - We will be working on writing a story using complete sentences. We will also be learning about prepositions.

6th grade - Students are working on a Mexico file folder project where they do their own research. We will have a Mexican lunch on Tuesday, Oct. 23rd at 12:15. We will then be working on writing using the following prompt: Compare and contrast your life as a child being raised in Mexico vs the United States. This will be a grade.

Writing - We are reviewing prepositions.


5th grade- We will be multiplying with more than two digits. We will create models of multiplication.

6th grade- We are multiplying fractions and mixed numbers to see if our products are greater of less than one.


5th grade scientists will continue learning about measurable and observable physical properties of matter. This week we will focus on the states of matter and test objects to see if they conduct or insulate thermal energy.

6th grade scientists will test over objects in our solar system and present our space probe models and posters. We will continue our When We Left Earth Series as we study the history space exploration.

6th grade space probe projects are due September 25th. Details have been sent home with students and should be in their red folder. I will be collecting NASA field trip money until Friday October 12th