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Week of March 25th

5th grade: Students will review context clues, character traits and analysis, plot, and making inferences in fictional stories.

6th grade: Students will continue working on Greek mythology plays! We will review drama, and thematic elements. We will infer theme for each story, and discuss character traits of the Gods and Goddesses. We will also learn more about the Magic Helper, and Rule of 3 in literature!

Social Studies/Writing

5th grade- The students will pick a battle from the war and research to find out more information about the war. We will use this information to write an expository essay. This will be a test grade.

Writing - We will continue working on Daily Oral Language. This is a review of all the skills we have learned. At the end of each week, there will be a quiz over the exact same things we discussed throughout the week.

6th grade - We are working on our country research projects. The students will pick a country and write a report about their trip to their country and the tourist attractions they plan on visiting. We will be creating a class book in which you will have the opportunity to purchase. More info has been sent home today. (3/4/19)

Writing - We are working on sentence editing skills using the research projects the students are working on.


5th grade- We are studying PERIMETER and AREA as well as CONVERSION of MEASUREMENT. We are also reviewing skills we have learned throughout the year.

PLEASE study multiplication facts! We will be doing multiplication drills daily.

6th grade- We are learning about real-world problems involving RATIO and RATES using tables and graphs. We will also do some SCALE drawings related to proportion. We are converting measurement units.


This 6 weeks, 5th grade scientists will focus on life science. We will study organism's unique behaviors and structures that help them survive in a variety of environments. We will differentiate between inherited traits and learned behaviors for species of plants and animals within different biomes.

This 6 weeks, 6th grade scientists will continue their study of energy by comparing an contrasting potential and kinetic energy, observing, describing and graphing changes in motion and calculating average speed.

Important Information/Dates

PLEASE send a copy of your student's signed report cards back ASAP! Thank you!

March 15th - Early Release *Elementary @ 12:45

March 18th - 22nd - SPRING BREAK

April 9th - 5th grade STAAR Math test

April 10th - 5th grade STAAR Reading test

April 15th - 6th grade benchmark test MATH

April 16th - 6th grade benchmark test READING

May 13th - 6th grade STAAR math test/5th grade retake *if necessary

May 14th - 6th grade STAAR reading test/5th grade retake *if necessary

May 17th - Medieval Field Trip for 6th grade

May 30th - LAST DAY OF SCHOOL * early release 12:45 p.m.