About Us


At Marta Valle High School it is our core belief that all students possess the intrinsic capabilities to achieve at high levels. As educators, it is our primary responsibility to help students realize these capabilities and ensure that all students are equipped with the knowledge and skills to persist in college and careers with confidence and an awareness of how they intend to contribute to our larger society.


To achieve our mission, the Marta Valle High School community of educators emphasize professional learning, collaboration, and providing all students with rigorous instruction within the realm of a supportive and trusting environment. We foster positive relationships and encourage socially responsible behaviors with all community stakeholders and tailor our curriculum and instruction toward subjects that are academically rigorous and culturally responsive to our students' needs. We also offer enrichment opportunities that engage students and further support the educational process. Through this framework of social emotional support and academic achievement, guided by professional learning and collaboration, we believe that all students at MVHS are provided with an educational experience that brings out their unique capabilities and will lead to success in their lives beyond high school.

Theory of Action

If teachers engage students by providing rigorous, authentic, culturally-responsive instruction, tasks, and assessments, then the resulting student outcomes will either demonstrate mastery or be of sufficient quality for teachers to identify student learning gaps to adjust instructional strategies appropriately.