Laboratory for Applied Geophysics

Science, history, and human evolution

About the lab

The Laboratory of Applied Geophysics focuses on the application of high-resolution geophysical methods to study the shallow subsurface. Our goal is to detect, analyze and interpret Holocene-to-recent processes of tectonics and geology and their effect on human populations. some of the topics we deal with are: gas release from the seafloor and its contribution to global warming, neotectonics, and sea level rise.The coast has been a focal point of human settlements for thousands of years. On the other hand, these areas are highly sensitive to natural processes that often cause conflict with those living nearby. Examining the ever-shifting interface between land and sea is of particular interest as is the question of how ancient settlers shaped their natural environment and in doing so, changed geological processes. 

 Some recent and ongoing projects:

Dead Sea

An ongoing study of the geology of the lowest place on Earth and its surroundings

Sea of Galilee

A multidisciplinary, international study of tectonics, seismology and geochemistry 

Carmel coast

Environmental change and human settlement patterns. What's the connection? 

Tel Kabri

War, environmental collapse, or earthquake... What led to abandonment?

Coastal Geomorphology

Sand supply? Currents? Waves? What's happening along the Israeli coast? The application of high and low tech methods to examine complex problems.