Open positions

(1) Two open PhD positions - submarine turbidity channels

We are looking for excellent students in Geology / Sedimentology / Geophysics for two PhD positions to study submarine turbidity channels offshore Israel.

The positions are part of the GoMed consortium, via a collaboration between Israel and the USA to study fossil fuel energy, funded by the BIRD foundation.

The research will include the use of a cutting edge technology - AUV and SAS to collect a high resolution mapping of the seafloor and the subsurface of turbidity channels in the deep sea offshore Israel (East Mediterranean). The goals of the research are to understand the dynamics of channels evolution and in particular to determine whether these channels are still active. If so, to understand what is the frequency of the flow in the channels. The research results will be the baseline to estimate submarine infrastructure hazards in the area.

For more details contact:

Dr Yizhaq Makovsky (The University of Haifa):

Prof Zohar Gvirtzman (Israel Geological Survey):

(2) An open PhD position - Seafloor fluxes and Anthropocene records

Deadline for applications: September 1st, 2021

We are looking for a student in Geology / Sedimentology / Ocenography / Geochemistry for a PhD position to study seafloor fluxes and Anthropocene record of the southeast Mediterranean Sea.

The position is part of the EMS-FORE consortium, via a collaboration between University of Haifa (Israel) and GEOMAR (Germany) to study the eastern Mediterranean as an analog to the future oceans. The position is primarily based in Haifa and includes work at sea and in the laboratory and extended visits to Kiel, Germany.

The research will include work on water samples, sediment cores as well as potential experimental work focusing on inorganic geochemistry. The goals of the research is to understand the relation between the sediment and water chemistry in the eastern Mediterranean as well as how these changed over the period of anthropogenic influence.

For more details about the position -click here and contact:

Dr. Or Bialik

Dr. Zvi Steiner