Car Service

The idea is to open a car service. The cars will be bullet resistant. I would like for the drivers to be Police, retired Police, military, etc. People who are licensed to carry and professionally trained.

I would like to start this enterprise in New York.

Again, I have to speak with attorney's before I do anything. The thought process behind this idea is to actually limit liability for customers. I don't want to drive. When I have the money I want to hire a driver. If the driver crashes into someone in my car, am I liable? I need to speak with lawyers.

If I am liable, I'd rather figure out another way to have a driver where I'm not liable.

Of course you have Uber, Lyft, etc. Those are great services. I'm just thinking in a perfect world, I want bullet resistant with an armed driver. The reason I want it bullet resistant is not only if someone tries to shoot the car. Bullet resistant may also help if someone tries to smash a window.

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