Teaching & Learning

CPD Presentation February 2021

Below is the list of T&L Sessions running throughout the year in Upper School. There will also be one Departmental T&L each bimester, but your HOD has choice over when this will be.

T&L Wednesday Schedule 2021


The objectives of the Markham continuing professional development (CPD) policy are:

  • Improve the level of education of the students

  • To encourage staff to reflect on their own practice

  • To develop a collaborative environment where practice can be trialled, improved and shared

  • Identify, utilise and celebrate expertise among the teaching body

  • Develop a portfolio for each member of staff that reflects their development

  • Assist teachers to fulfil the values of the Markham Teacher Profile.

These objectives will be influenced by targets, lesson observations, collaborative project and internal and external in-service training (INSET) opportunities.