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Principal, Peter Loyda

205 Gopher Lane

Marion, MT 59925

Phone +1 (406) 854-2333

or Fax +1 (406) 854-2690

We house the Marion branch of "ImagineIF", formerly known as the Flathead County Public Library.

This is open to the public most Thursdays from 3:30-5:00 pm.

Marion School offers

FREE breakfast and lunch

for ALL students!!!!

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You send 'em!

We feed 'em!

Friday noon dismissals began October 9th and will continue.

  • After recording the parent responses, it was an overwhelming support for us to move forward with the Friday noon dismissals starting on Friday, October 9th.

  • Because of this outcome, we eliminated our future three Wednesday Early Outs and have them scheduled as full days.

  • A message to parents was sent out on the evening of Monday, September 28, regarding this so that everyone could properly prepare and count on this happening.

  • Mr. Loyda thanks you for your support.

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