Universal PreK 

What is Universal Prekindergarten (UPK)?

UPK will bring together programs across early learning and K-12, relying heavily on Universal Transitional Kindergarten (UTK) and California State Preschool Programs (CSPP), as well as Head Start, community-based organizations (CBOs), private preschools and family child care homes to ensure every four-year old child - regardless of background, race, zip code, immigration status, or income level - has access to a quality learning experience the year before kindergarten.

Why UPK?

Early Education matters. Research shows when young children have a foundation of high-quality early learning experiences before kindergarten, they not only gain an advantage in school and life, but also in brain development. Yet racially and historically marginalized, low-income, and multilingual children and children with disabilities have had the fewest opportunities to access effective and inclusive early education. This opportunity gap leads to the achievement gap that already exists when children enter kindergarten and too often persists throughout school.

By engaging and supporting educational communities and families across the county, Marin will provide access to effective and inclusive learning opportunities to address long-standing inequities in education and give all students the opportunity to reach their full potential. Marin County will:

·         Give children a strong and early start

·         Focus on Pre-K through Third Grade Educators

·         Equip P3 Education Leaders with early education and organizational strategies

·         Empower and support families

For Families 

For Teachers 

For Administrators 

Professional Learning Opportunities