Freshmen Honors Summer Assignment

Dear Rising Freshmen Honors Students - I’m really looking forward to meeting you in the fall! I hope you are prepared to work hard (after you’ve had a little break this summer). Here’s what you’ll need to accomplish before we meet face-to-face.

See you soon - Happy Summer!

Mrs. Lowery-Harris

Freshmen Honors Teacher

Three components - Two books - Fiction and Non-Fiction

One Project

Component One: Fiction - Choose ONE of these novels

The House of the Scorpion

by Nancy Farmer

The Examination

by Malcolm Bosse

Preview of The Examination

  1. Read EITHER House of the Scorpion by Nancy Farmer OR The Examination by Malcom Bosse. Know that you will be assessed on your reading via a book test and a writing piece. We will be using this piece as a springboard into our 1st quarter, so it’ll really help you out if you do a good job on this.
  2. I will check for a grade that you have taken Booknotes from your chosen novel above as you read. Please see the Fiction - Booknotes tab.

Component Two - Non-Fiction

Read Mythology

by Edith Hamilton

Amazon link here:

Please see the Mythology Tab for specific assignments (we're only reading excerpts, not the whole book).

Component Three - Summer Journey Project

Tell me about your summer! Don’t make this too complicated - this one is supposed to be a little light and fun.

No need to have a complete project by school - just pictures and videos ready to stitch together!