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Community flourishing through interprofessional primary care teams reflective of all people and equipped for whole person care.


Strengthen High-Quality Primary Care (HQPC).


Inclusion & Belonging | Come join us!

People-Centered | People here for people.

Courage | We question, plan, do, improve & sustain.

Innovation | Our diversity, our strength.

Strengthening Each Other

What matters to us...

We have been Strengthening Each Other™ across organizations and professions since 2018.
The Cedar Waxwing is the institute soul bird. It teaches that selfless giving is maintained in strengthening, reciprocal community.

Strengthening Teams 

Who we serve....

We strengthen high-quality primary care teams and organizations.

"High-quality primary care is the provision of whole-person, integrated, accessible, and equitable health care by interprofessional teams that are accountable for addressing the majority of an individual’s health and wellness needs across settings and through sustained relationships with patients, families, and communities" (NASEM, 2021, p. 46).

Strengthening Teams™ is a service line that includes interprofessional CME experiences and customized supports to organizations including research, development, education, training, and technical assistance. 

Strengthening Method

How we work... 

Strength-based relating at work feels good! We practice every day and in all of our experiences. We do this by communicating when others strengthen us and when we have an offer to strengthen others.
"You strengthened me when..."  
"Can I offer something that may strengthen us?"