The National Honor Society is conducting a food drive in time the Thanksgiving holiday. Canned and boxed items will be distributed among local food pantries. Each class is assigned two items from which to choose. Seniors are asked to bring cranberry sauce or gravy and place in the box in Ms. Belfiore's room; Juniors are asked to bring a stuffing or beans and the drop off box is in Mrs. Patton's room; Sophomores are assigned instant potatoes or sweet potatoes and can find their drop off box in Ms. Meehan's room; Freshman are asked to bring corn or pumpkin filling and put then in the box in Mrs. Coles' room; faculty and staff are assigned any item they choose and the collection box is in the Main Office.

The items must be delivered to the food pantries by Friday, November 17th, so please bring in your donation by Thursday, November 16th. Individual students who bring in 2 or more items will be awarded a dress down day. Please be generous and help those less fortunate than you.


Food Item(s):

Drop off box location:


cranberry sauce or gravy

Ms. Belfiore's


stuffing or beans

Mrs. Patton's


instant potatoes or sweet potatoes

Ms. Meehan's


corn or pumpkin filling

Mrs. Coles'


any item listed

Main Office