Lunch Menu

Marian Cafeteria Menu

Lunches are served at Marian Catholic daily. Children from families who income falls within government established annual limits are eligible for either free or reduced meals.

GOVERNMENT LUNCH APPLICATIONS for the free and reduced lunch were given to students the first day of school. These forms can be completed and return to the Main Office any time during the school year.

Monday, Feb. 18 Day 3 Regular Schedule

chicken patty sandwich, lettuce & pickles, sweet potato fries, green beans, applesauce

Tuesday, Feb. 19 Day 4 Mass Schedule

hot ham & cheese on a pretzel roll, scalloped potatoes, celery sticks /peanut butter, pineapple

Wednesday, Feb. 20 Day 5 Regular Schedule

pizza, baby carrots, peaches, rice krispie treat

Thursday, Feb. 21 Day 6 Regular Schedule

chicken nuggets, buttered noodles, corn, mixed fruit

Friday, Feb. 22 Day 1 Regular Schedule

pasta w/sauce, salad, garbanzo, beans, garlic cheese bread, mandarin orange

Alternate for the week: peanut butter & jelly, peanut butter & fluff, turkey & cheese, salami or tuna on whole grain bread

Milk choices 1% chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, white & skim

Featured daily salads and fresh fruit

Featured daily vegetables are offered to meet USDA guidelines