Marathon 7th Grade Homework and Announcements


English Language Arts:

  • Students should be reading their independent (AR) books at home. Book for MP: 2 is due January 18th!
  • Poetic Tools Match-Up practice sheet due Wednesday, 1/16.
  • Poetry Portfolios (PROJECT GRADE) are due Thursday, 1/24. Time in class will be given to work on the project.
  • For the next several weeks, we will be reading Nightjohn, by Gary Paulsen, and accounts from Frederick Douglass's narrative. Students are responsible for completing study guides and reading both inside and outside of class.
  • Vocab/Grammar Quizzes most Fridays!
  • English Handouts!


Please check my site. Students were shown how to access the site a couple of times during class. The web address is under my blog for homework. I thank you for encouraging your child to be successful.

Social Studies:

For tomorrow 1/17--American Revolution QUIZ. List of Battles, leaders and terms handed out on 1/11. Flash cards due (at least 15.)


-Observing Cells in the Cell Cycle Lab (if not completed during class time)-due Friday 1/18

-TEST on cells (cell parts, diffusion/osmosis, photosynthesis, cellular respiration, cell cycle)- Friday 1/25

-Students can reinforce their learning at home by creating concept maps, diagrams, flashcards, practice quizzes, and reviewing class handouts.


Google Classroom link for Spanish 7

Computer Technology:

Study for Final on 1/22 or 1/23.


  • IF YOU NEED TO CONTACT US, please use the email addresses listed at the bottom of this page. DO NOT email us through the School Tool site. We do not receive email through that site.

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  • Am I doing all my homework?
  • Am I organized?
  • Am I getting extra help?
  • Do I participate in class?
  • Am I using my agenda book?
  • Are my methods for studying for quizzes and tests working?

‚ÄčIf the answer to any of these is "no," ask for help!!

Contact Us:

To set up a meeting with the seventh grade team to discuss your child's academic performance, please contact the Guidance Office at (607) 849-3229. Please note that our typical availability time is from 2:30-3:00 pm. If you have specific questions or concerns, you can contact us by email:

English Language Arts: Mrs. Dennison

Math: Mr. Toner

Social Studies: Mr. Perks

Science: Mrs. Farkas

Spanish: Mrs. Forrest

Health: Ms. Duncan

Computer Technology: Mr. Dennison

Special Education: Mrs. Morse

Art: Mr. Quinlan

Extra Help: Mrs. Rutan, Mrs. Icenogle