[It Turns]

Omar Rajeh | Maqamat , with Nasser Soumi, in collaboration with Sharif Sehnaoui, and Mazen Kerbej

'Watadour' is a unique project in its concept. It groups several artists from various disciplines around an innovative and daring idea, which consists in pushing the limits of the possible to its extreme. The performance plays around the idea of ‘the impossible’, the nearly unbelievable and absurd situations we encounter in our everyday life. Everything moves, changes, and shifts around us. “Watadour” is turmoil of machinery with two dancers, a moving circular stage, live visuals, and live music.

Concept/Choreography: Omar Rajeh Original Idea/ Scenography: Nasser Soumi Dance/ Creation: Mia Habis, Bassam Bou Diab Composition/Live Music: Sharif Sehnaoui Live Visuals and Drawing Mazen Kerbaj Costumes: Mia Habis Light Design: Jonathan Samuels Technical director: Makram Al Halabi Production: Zaher Kais, Christel Salem, Ali Akel Set Executive Design and Construction: Abou Ajram Group Teaser: Concept: Mia Habis Animation: Jimmy Elias (nimslabs) Music: Sharif Sehnaoui Poster: Concept: Omar Rajeh / Jimmy Elias (nimslabs) Design: Jimmy Elias (nimslabs) Filming and Editing Karam Ghossein Photos by Myriam Boulos | Fadi Bou Ghalyoun | Ali Akel

A production of Omar Rajeh | Maqamat ( 2014) Funded by: The Norwegian Embassy in Beirut Supported by: British Council, Media Partners: Al-Akhbar, Agenda Culturel, F/I/2M/P, Time Out With the Support of: Dots, Bardo, Abou Ajram Group S.A.R.L., Omar Qassem Al Issa’i Group– Estral Centre, Amadeus- Ecole de Danse et de Musique