That Part of Heaven

That Part of Heaven is an exploration in 'physicality'. The performance starts from the idea of the 'event', which strongly leaves its mark on our bodies; the virtual image in our mind that changes, through time, and grows into a physical weight. It deals with movement as a resonance of the body in its virtual possibilities and 'becomings' seen all in one frame.

Maqamat, based in Beirut, uses its cultural and social environment to enrich its artistic research. The work strongly relates to the Aftermath of the Lebanese Civil War and its affect on the body.

Concept & Choreography Omar Rajeh Performed by Mia Habis, Ali Chahrour, Zei Khauli, Bassam Bou Diab, & Hala Abi Rached Music by Zad Moultaka “Yà Ghazàli” & “La Ta'zhoulih” / Chant: Fadia Tomb El Hage from the album” Zarani” - / Jean Madani “Death”, “Blind”, “Rain" Tord Gustavsen Trio "At Home" & “Vesper” from the album "Being There" (ECM Records) - Scenography Mia Habis, Ali Chahrour, & Omar Rajeh Make up & hair designer Mayssoun Hilal Beauty Salon Lighting design Jonathan Samuels Sound engineer Basel Kasem Costume Design Mia Habis Design concept Mia Habis Graphic Design joe elias for nimslabs Photography Melissa J. & Photography Venue-Wael Ladki Sound Installation at Entrance Mia Habis Production manager Ali Akel Technical director Ricardo Clementi Attache de presse Aline Mourani Stage manager Zaher Kais Production crew Chrystelle Salem, Zeina Kassim, Nadine Helwi, Safaa El Ali, Sally Souraya Posters & Flyers Distribution Mohamed Assaf

A production of Omar Rajeh | Maqamat ( 2013)

With the support of British Council, Amadeus- Ecole de danse et de musique, Bardo Resto-Pub, Chateau Qanafar, Minus 5, FFF With the contribution of Mayssoun HiIlal- Beauty Salon, Dots, Librairie El Bourj Media partners MTV, ANNAHAR Newspaper, Al Akhbar Newspaper, Agenda Culturel,

Special Thanks Zad Moultaka, Fadia Tomb El Hage, Ziad Masabny, Joe Habis, Henry Bacha, Nayla El-Hajj Habis,