Beyrouth Jaune

Beyrouth Jaune is the first dance performance created by Omar Rajeh for Maqamat in Beirut in January 2002, at 'Theatre de Beyrouth'. Its success allowed for local and international touring for the company and it played a big role in opening possibilities for further development on the local contemporary dance scene. For Rajeh the performance of 'Beyrouth Jaune' is a historical moment for the establishment and development of a contemporary dance scene in Lebanon.

The performance focuses on and highlights many problems facing the youth generation of Lebanon. It deals with issues such as education, political and sectarian racism and the inability to fulfill future dreams. The theme is presented in a stylized way sometimes ironic others serious and dramatic. It is a performance with very powerful physical ability that draws upon personal and intimate issues.

The First cast of 'Beyrouth Jaune' has performed on January 9th, 2002 at the Theatre De Beyrouth.

Choreographed and Directed by Omar Rajeh Performed by Zei Khauli, Khouloud Yassine, Hicham Jaber, Bassem Breish, Nada Kano, & Omar Rajeh Assistant Director Majdi Bou Matar Music composed byTim Pottier, Ziad Sahhab Music played by Tim Pottier (violin) Ziad Sahhab (oud/ lute) Khaled Yassine (drums) Light design and photos by Fadi Yeni Turk Sound operator Bassel Kasem

A production of Omar Rajeh | Maqamat ( 2002)