DANCE PEOPLE at Montpellier Danse

Omar Rajeh is invited to a residency at the Agora / Montpellier Danse from 9 to 14 October for the first creative phase of DANCE PEOPLE, a new creation for 2025 produced by Maqamat.

An Open Studio in presence of the artist will take place at the Agora on the 12th of October at 6 pm to talk about the project and its objectives. The residencies at the Agora are supported by  the Fondation BNP Paribas. 

Choreographic Lab at Cie désoblique in Lyon

From 16 to 20 October, Omar Rajeh will give a workshop aiming at deepening choreographic methods and creative processes within the annual formation for dancers and choreographers program by Cie désoblique in Lyon.


Beytna opening the season at Mercat de les Flors in Barcelona

Omar Rajeh | Maqamat is thrilled to open the season of Mercat de les Flors in Barcelona on the 27th of September.


Dance Is not for Us & Maqam Lab at Tanzwerkstatt Europa

Omars Rajeh's Lab, at Tanzwerksatt Europa from 1 to 5 August, seeks to develop a new approach to looking at the body and learning new choreographic tools that support artists in their creative process. 

Dance Is not for Us, the new solo creation choreographed and performed by Omar Rajeh, will be presented within Tanzwerksatt Europa on the 6th of August.

Beytna in Lyon at the festival Les Nuits de Fourvière 

Omar Rajeh | Maqamat is thrilled to continue its journey of 8 years of touring its creation Beytna with the upcoming two performances on the 14th and 15th of July 2023 at the festival Les Nuits de Fourvière in Lyon  with Julia Moncla / Collectif A/R and Bérangère Fournier / Cie La Vouivre as guest choreographers

MAY - JUNE 2023

Dance Is not for Us - NEW CREATION

After 2 weeks of creative residency and shows at Sima Performing Arts- Al Serkal Avenue, Dubai , Dance Is not for Us premiered in Beirut at Al Monnot Theatre before being presented at Dance Week Festival, Zagreb, Croatia.

Flash Mob with Mia Habis & Omar Rajeh!

In the framework of " La journée prévention des risques dans le spectacle vivant" organisée par Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Spectacle Vivant et Les Nuits de Fourvière, a fresh moment of sharing and dancing together, lead by Mia Habis & Omar Rajeh!

APRIL 2023

« Body in motion and new technologies »

2 weeks of immersion at Pôle Pixel in Villeurbanne!  Dancers and video artists working hand in hand to explore the possibilities of filming with Jarvis / Spline - Visual Engineering .

Organized by Pôle PIXEL and Pôle emploi Scènes et Images

MARCH 2023

Maqam | Dance architecture at the Academia Nazionale Danza, Rome

 Omar Rajeh is invited to give a dance laboratory about his dance approach Maqam|Dance Architecture at the National Dance Academy in Rome, a week to explore and create spaces of inspirations through the body, continuously framed, mutated and rediscovered. 


Maqam workshop in Rome

4 & 5 February | A Maqam workshop will be given by Omar Rajeh within the Creative Teaching program organized by Orbita Spellbound Centro Nazionale di Produzione della Danza. A weekend of theoretical-practical study and vision to deepen teaching methods and creative processes.

5 February | Screening of the movie The Odor of Elephants After the Rain by Omar Rajeh | Maqamat and directed by @SalimMrad , specially commissioned by the Edinburgh International Festival.


Impulsion Festival #9 - Scène Découvertes danse Friday October 7 - "Dance & Videos" Study Day

From the development of streaming shows to the emergence of hybrid forms between cinema and captation of a choreographic piece through the promotional teaser or the creation of short content for social networks; video is increasingly present and questions our relationship to live performance. Blandine Martel Basile, artistic director of the Scène Découvertes danse in collaboration with Mia Habis and Omar Rajeh, co-directors of the company Maqamat, proposes a study day on the theme of "dance and video"  at Le Croiseur.

More info here:


"Walking in Wrinkles" at the Biennale d'art contemporain de Lyon

Omar Rajeh and Mia Habis will premiere  Walking in Wrinkles, a moving installation, from September 13 to December 31st   at les anciennes usines Fagor, within the 16th edition of the Biennale d'art contemporain de Lyon,  curated by Sam Bardaouil and Till Fellrath as a Manifesto of Fragility.

The Odor of Elephants after the Rain

At the Théâtre de l'Octogone in Pully for the 30th anniversary of Cie Linga

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Compagnie Linga , Omar Rajeh  is invited to perform the Odor of Elephants after the Rain within an evening of guest creations and choreographies at the Octogone Theatre in Pully, Switzerland. on the 24th of September.

Click here for more info:



Omar Rajeh will be giving a 1 week  workshop at the Tanzwerkstatt Europa: Choreographic Labs & Intensives  by Joint Adventure, Munich, DE, from 1 to 7 August 

JULY 2022

Beytna opens the LE DANZATRICI Festival 2022!

The first outdoor version of Beytna will be presented at LE DANZATRICI, in Bari, Italy on the 1st of July!

JUNE 2022

Tanz Kongress Mainz 2022

Omar Rajeh is invited as a guest speaker at the 2022 TanzKongress Mainz t talk about the digital platform he founded :

Beytna opens the Rialto Festival 2022!

Beytna enters its 7th year of touring.

The 23rd CCDF - Cyprus Contemporary Dance Festival invites Omar Rajeh | Maqamat with Beytna on the 3rd of June in Limassol.

MAY 2022

BIPOD 2022 | 18th Edition

In cooperation with Allianz Kulturstiftung and Relais Culture Europe

In solidarity with the dance scene in Lebanon

5 – 7 May | Lyon | In partnership with Les Subs & CND à Lyon

25 – 29 May | Beirut | In collaboration with Sursock Museum and Théâtre Béryte

Program streamed live on 

This 18th edition of BIPOD proposes a program of performances, videos, discussions, debates, experiences and conversations, in Lyon and in Beirut, around the thematic of #cultural_disobedience.

Disobey why, disobey to do what, and how to disobey?

MARCH 2022

Omar Rajeh in creation at the Staatstheater am Gärtnerplatz in Munich.

Omar Rajeh was invited to work with the dancers of the Staatstheater am Gärtnerplatz as part of Minutemade. The premiere of Act II was presented on the 3rd of March at the Staadstheater. 


The Odor of Elephants after the Rain at Norient Film Festival, Bern 

The movie was selected to be presented on the 15th of January at Kellerkino Movie Theater, Bern within the Norient Film Festival which explores the contemporary world through music and sound. 


Creative Teaching | Rome

Omar Rajeh and Mia Habis are invited to lead a choreographic workshop in the framework of Fuori Programma Festival, on December 18th and 19th at DAF Dance Arts Faculty studios in Rome.

Spam! Festival |  Porcari, Italy

14th of december, the Odor of Elephants after the Rain, Omar Rajeh's new dance solo, is presented at the Spam! Festival in Porcari, Italy.


‘On the Edge Contemporary Dance Festival’ | Yekaterinburg, Russia

UNION is performed 9th of December within the ‘On the Edge Contemporary Dance Festival’ in Yekaterinburg, Russia.


PREMIERE | Cent Mille Façons de Parler

After a long journey that started at Citerne Beirut in 2019, followed by cancellations, postponements and many uncertainties, Cent Mille Façons de Parler, the long-awaited creation of Omar Rajeh finally sees the light of day on the 26th of November at Espace des Arts in Chalon-sur-Saône.

On the road for a full month of residencies

Maqamat is on the road for the creation Cent Mille Façons de Parler for a full month of rehearsals in Lyon at Studio Chatha Aicha M’Barek & Hafiz Dhaou, in Divonne at L' Esplanade du Lac, and in Annonay at the studio Chorégraphique Chapelle Sainte-Marie, Cie La Baraka / La Chapelle - Abou Lagraa & Nawal Aït Benalla.

UNION at the Dance Inversion International Contemporary Dance Festival by the Bolshoi Theater/Moscou

After the premiere last month, Omar Rajeh latest creation "UNION" for the Kaluga Innovative Ballet will be presented on 19 and 20 October, 2021 at the Dance Inversion International Contemporary Dance Festival by the Bolshoi Theater, Moscow


Chevalier de l'ordre des Arts et des Lettres

The Minister of Culture in France Mrs. Roselyne Bachelot-Narquin distinguishes Omar Rajeh with the title of Chevalier de l'ordre des arts et des lettres  (Knighthood of the Order of Arts and Letters), one of the main four ministerial distinctions of the French Republic. Omar, founder of BIPOD festival, is very humbled by this recognition. Since the creation of Maqamat in 2002 in Beirut, he has been following, alongside his partner Mia Habis, his vision and fully dedicated his career to thinking, researching, creating, and developing creative and sustainable proposals for dance and culture.

Fabbrica Europa, Florence

Back to Fabbrica Europa! Omar Rajeh's new solo creation 'The Odor of Elephants after the Rain' is presented within the 28th edition of the Fabbrica Europa Festival in Florence, Italy on October 14 at 9:00 pm CET


UNION,  at the Kaluga Innovative Culture Institute

Omar Rajeh is in creation the whole month of September to create UNION, a new performance  for the dancers of the Kaluga Innovative Cultural Center / Russia and that will première there on September 26 and 27.


Edinburgh International Festival

Omar Rajeh presents for the first time  The Odor of Elephants after the Rain, a dance film  that questions the body in moments of crisis and disasters and its remaining possibilities, vulnerabilities, resilience, revolt, or simply its being in moments of


Commissioned  by the Edinburgh International Festival, with the support of the British Council.   

Workshop within the PARIS SUMMER ACADEMY

Omar Rajeh & Mia Habis are delighted to be invited to give a workshop within the 9th edition of the PARIS SUMMER ACADEMY, an artistic meeting spot for practical researches and innovative performing methods led by a group of internationally recognized artists and companies invited from all around the world.


PARIS SUMMER ACADEMY is initiated by Mehdi Farajpour and Orient Theatre Dance Company in partnership with the CITÉ INTERNATIONALE DES ARTS DE PARIS and MICADANSES Dance Venue.


Workshop within the TANZWERKSTATT EUROPA

Within the program of the 30th anniversary of TANZWERKSTATT EUROPA, Omar Rajeh is invited by JOINT ADVENTURES to the Dance Lab in Munich from 1 to 6 August to share his artistic method with dancers from all over the world.

JUNE 2021

Université d'été/ Malraux Scène Nationale Chambéry 

Omar Rajeh was delighted to be invited to take part in Université d’été, organized by Malraux Scene Nationale Chambéry as a time to reflect with amazing guests, artists and philosophers on what it is necessary to transform today in order to create something in common.

RESIDENCY | Cent Mille Façons de Parler

Maqamat was invited to a residency for the new creation of Omar Rajeh Cent Mille Façons de Parler by the CCN Franche-Comté à Belfort / Viadanse - Direction Fattoumi/Lamoureux. The residency was followed by an open studio streamed live on within BIPOD 2021 | Architecture of a Ruined Body.

Camping 2021 by the CND

Omar Rajeh was invited  by the Centre national de la danse - CN D/ CND lyon  to teach and share his artistic approach with dancers  at Les SUBS - Lyon  and  CNSMD Lyon within Camping 2021 taking place from 14 to 18 June.

MAY 2021

RESIDENCY / Acceuil plateau| The Odor of Elephants after the Rain

Maison de la Danse / LYON

#Origami Cosmos  continues its research on the stage of la Maison de la Danse de Lyon.

Photo Romain Tissot

Maqamat company invites cultural partners in 8 different countries to gather around the project entitled ‘Architecture of a Ruined Body’, which gathers artists, festivals and cultural venues in Europe and across the Mediterranean to question the body’s remaining possibilities, vulnerabilities, resilience or revolt, and simply its being in moments of crisis. We acknowledge that the world we live is in a phase of global transformation and change. After the shocking social, political, and health incidents of 2019 & 2020, it seems inevitable that culture is at the forefront to question and be questioned, to explore and be explored, to renew thought and be renewed.

A cultural project by Maqamat, in Cooperation with Allianz Kulturstiftung

Co-curated by and in partnership with Centre national de la danse - CN D, Viadanse - Direction Fattoumi/Lamoureux, Les SUBS - Lyon, Taldans, Compagnia Menhir, سرية رام الله الأولى - الصفحة الرسمية - Sareyyet Ramallah, Egomio Cultural Centre , Εγκώμιο Πολιτιστικό Κέντρο, Centre Rézodanse Egypte, Dan.Cin.Lab.

Supported by Pro Helvetia Cairo - Swiss Arts Council, Culture Resource المورد الثقافي, AFAC - The Arab Fund for Arts and Culture

MARCH 2021

RESIDENCY | The Odor of Elephants after the Rain

CND & Maison de la Danse / LYON

Another week at the CND Lyon with Mia Habis. A solo for Mia  as part of the new creation Origami Cosmos, a series of solos choreographed by Omar Rajeh.

#Origami Cosmos has/will also be in residency Maison de la Danse de Lyon CCN2 - Centre chorégraphique national de Grenoble Tanzfabrik-Berlin e.V.

Origami Cosmos is coproduced by the CN D- Centre national de la danse à Lyon - CCN2 –Centre chorégraphique national de Grenoble, dans le cadre de l’accueil studio - Mise à disposition studio Maison de la Danse-Supported by Tanzfabrik Berlin in the frame of apap -  Performing Europe / Production Studio Berlin / EU Creative Europe Programme.

RESIDENCY | The Odor of Elephants after the Rain


Another creative week working on a solo for Charlie Prince  at the CND Lyon as part of the new creation Origami Cosmos, a series of solos choreographed by Omar Rajeh .

Origami Cosmos has/will also be in residency Maison de la Danse de Lyon, CCN2 - Centre chorégraphique National de Grenoble &

Origami Cosmos is coproduced by the CN D- Centre national de la danse à Lyon - CCN2 –Centre chorégraphique national de Grenoble, dans le cadre de l’accueil studio - Mise à disposition studio Maison de la Danse-Supported by Tanzfabrik Berlin in the frame of apap -  Performing Europe / Production Studio Berlin / EU Creative Europe Programme.


RESIDENCY | Cent Mille Façons de Parler

Studio La Chapelle Sainte-Marie / Cie la Baraka - Abou et Nawal Lagraa - Annonay

One month of creation, exploration, dance and love.

Maqamat | Omar Rajeh  is  in residency for the next creation Cent Mille Facons de Parler at La Chapelle Sainte-Marie / Cie la Baraka - Abou et Nawal Lagraa in Annonay, with dancers Mia Habis, Antonia Kruschel, Elise Bruyère, Francesco Ferrari Charlie Prince and Nunzio Perricone and musicians Joss Turnbull & Rabih Beaini .

This residency was made possible with the support of Goethe-Institut Lyon  and  Cie La Baraka - Abou et Nawal Lagraa.

Cent Mille Façons de Parler is co-produced by Romaeuropa Festival, Julidans, Viadanse - Direction Fattoumi/Lamoureux, Espace des Arts, Studio Chorégraphique Chapelle Sainte-Marie / Cie La Baraka - Abou et Nawal Lagraa 


RESIDENCIES | Origami Cosmos 

CND/ Lyon & Maison de la Danse

Omar Rajeh is artist in residency at Maison de la Danse and CND / Lyon , for the new solo creation of #Origami_Cosmos.

Photos :Romain Tissot


BIPOD 2020

Bipod | Beirut international Platform of Dance | 16th Edition | live in real time on

BIPOD will be live streamed in real time from six different cities and will propose, in addition to the live performances, a program of videos, conversations and talks.

Mia Habis  & Omar Rajeh, directors of BIPOD, opened this year’s edition, which took place in special circumstances and times, through addressing the audience of BIPOD in Lebanon. For the first time the festival wasn't organized in Beirut. It took place from the city of Lyon that embraced their work and welcomed them through its different cultural institutions.

Thank you to all the partners and collaborators that supported the festival, that still believe in culture, and the need to spread its voice.

Ministère de la Culture Les SUBS - Lyon Lebanese American University - LAU Organisation internationale de la Francophonie (OIF) Institut français du Liban Goethe-Institut Libanon Pro Helvetia Pro Helvetia Cairo - Swiss Arts Council Embassy of Switzerland in Lebanon / Ambassade de Suisse au Liban سرية رام الله الأولى - الصفحة الرسمية - Sareyyet Ramallah المركز الوطني للثقافة والفنون -The National Center for Culture and Arts Culture Resource المورد الثقافي AFAC - The Arab Fund for Arts and Culture #tartesauxpoires Théâtre Forum Meyrin #NPN Warde Saadallah & Loubna Khalil Foundation @MIRROS Communication & Media Services #revivingbeirutartsculture Alias-Guilherme Botelho MaHa ماها Pierre Rigal Jochen Roller STOCOS Yara Boustany KHANSA/خنسا #Peggy_Olislaegers Michel Tabet Talal Khoury Stéphane Darioly


#Conversations for a Creative Europe

As part of part of Radio Commons/ 4th debate in the form of #Conversations for a Creative Europe, by Relais Culture Europe, you can listen to the discussion between Mia Habis, co-artistic director of Maqamat Hannelore Guittet, co-founder of @NoMadMusic and Axelle Benaich, founder of La Fabulerie, about the issues of accessing to creation today. They also shared their analyzes on the new artistic practices that have emerged or have been reinforced with the health crisis and on the role of digital technology in bringing artists, the public and professionals together.

Webinar : ArtsLink Assembly 2020

Beirut, the city that is not.  What is Live after the explosion?

Omar Rajeh - Maqamat (choreographer, organizer, Beirut) in conversation with Lebanese performance artists Mia Habis  and Alexandre Paulikevitch , and visual artist Hatem Imam .

Followed by Reconstruct and build-upon: immediate needs and long term safeguarding of the cultural sector

Panel moderated by Amanda Abi Khalil independent curator from Lebanon, with Helena Nassif, Director of Culture Resource المورد الثقافي, Lebanon; Haig Aivazian , Co-Director of Beirut Art Center; and Omar Mismar, visual artist based in Beirut, Lebanon.


Omar Rajeh, associated artist at the CND- Centre National de la Danse

Omar Rajeh  is nominated to be associated artist for the year 2020/2021 at the  CND / CND LYON.


Citerne Beirut at the internationale tanzmesse nrw

The largest professional gathering dedicated exclusively to contemporary dance , internationale tanzmesse nrw is going online this summer. Citerne Beirut & Maqamat/ Omar Rajeh and Mia Habis curate a mosaic of dance artists, Stephanie Kayal, Yara Boustany, Charlie Prince , Hamdi Dridi, Hiva Sedaghat, Mitra Kia , Sharaf DarZaid, Bassam Abou Diab all proposing works that are voicing and questioning deep cultural and political concerns about the body, its presence and/or absence.

JULY 2020

Beytna at the Mannheimer Sommer Festival

Beytna by Omar Rajeh | Maqamat with Koen Augustijnen, Ziad El Ahmadie,  Moonsuk Choi, May Bou Matar, Youssef Hbeisch, Samir Nasr Eddine,Oussama Abdelfattah, Anani Sanouvi, was supposed to open Mannheimer Sommer at Nationaltheater Mannheim this year next to a great line up of artists and companies.  To have a taste of the performance , we shared a dynamic and colorful moment online on!

Choreographic Lab 

This time into the digital space of Libero Corpo! 

Omar Rajeh | Maqamat leads the choreographic lab within the professional training course for dancers by Agromnia Training Authority,.

With the support of Apulia Region in collaboration with Menhir Company / Garibaldi system with the patronage of MIBACT and the Apulian Public Theatre


Photo by Hadi Bou Ayash

Creative residency at Tanzfabrik, Uferstudios, Berlin

From January 9 to 22, Omar Rajeh will be working on his solo creation, Origami Cosmos at Tanzfabrik, Uferstudios, Berlin.


January 24 to 29

Omar Rajeh | Maqamat is delighted to be back to teach within the professional training program AGROMNIA of Libero corpo in Puglia.

Thank you for the continuous support of the region of Puglia, Compagnia Menhir / Sistema Garibaldi , MiBACT and Teatro Pubblico Pugliese.

Creative Teaching

Omar Rajeh is pleased to have shared a day of exploration through his concept of #origami_bodies with Italian dance teachers in Rome.

Thank you Valentina Marini, Nunzio Perricone and all the dance teachers and artists who participated.


"A week-end in Lebanon with Francois Chaignaud" 

Omar Rajeh & Maqamat are  happy to close this year with the collaborative project: "A week-end in Lebanon with Francois Chaignaud". We would like to thank Francois as well as video artist Hadi Bou Ayash and photographer Rami Ajib for joining us in the mountains and streets of Lebanon, sharing with us these intense and challenging moments.

We wish you all a happy end of year and may the coming year bring more strength and awareness as much as it brings happiness and compassion.

"A week-end in Lebanon with Francois Chaignaud" is supported by INSTITUT FRANÇAIS and apap - Performing Europe 2020.


#minaret in Utrecht and Chalon sur Saone, Beytna in Toulouse.

#minaret  was back for a great moment in the Netherlands for Spring in Autumn at the Stadsschouwburg Utrecht on the 1st of November.

After a wonderful reception of #Beytna in Toulouse at the Neuf Neuf festival, Omar Rajeh |Maqamat continues the tour in France and was thrilled to be invited by Espace des Arts to present the French premiere of #minaret in Chalon-sur-Soane.


Photo by Hadi Bou Ayash

#minaret in Moscow

Great applause for Omar Rajeh | Maqamat who was invited by the Bolshoi Theatre  and Dance Inversion International Dance Festival to perform #minaret on 26 and 27 September 2019 in Moscow.


#minaret in S'Hhertogenbosch

#minaret 2019 tour continued with a second time performing at the amazing Theaterfestival Boulevard, in S-Hertogenbosch, Holland on 5 and 6 August.

JULY 2019

#minaret in Amsterdam

The company was invited by Julidans to perform #minaret at the Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam on 9 and 10 July.

Photo by Hadi Bou Ayash

Audition / 1st Residency

After receiving more than 400 applications, Omar Rajeh | Maqamat will be auditioning in Amsterdam on Sunday 8th of July, the selected dancers for his next creation .

Citerne Beirut will be hosting Omar Rajeh | Maqamat for the first creation period of the choreographer's upcoming performance that will premiere in July 2020.

The company is currently seeking co-producers for the piece.

JUNE  2019

#minaret in Athens

"#minaret by Lebanese choreographer, Omar Rajeh, presented in Athens as part of the Athens Festival, was literally a masterpiece that moved, perplexed and made all who were found in the Pireos Street Building applauding and standing for Maqamat (...)." Kyriaki Axiotis

New Creation 

Omar Rajeh will present for the first time "Origami Cosmos", a collaboration with composer Pablo Palacio at Citerne Beirut on the 22nd of June. 

More info here.

Omar Rajeh member of the distinguished international jury of artists for PQ19, which opens the evening of 5 June 2019 and continues until 16 June . 

 The Prague Quadrennial (PQ) organization aims to explore and present contemporary scenography - including stage, costume, lighting, sound, and other elements of performance design. 

The PQ mission includes mapping the latest trends in the forms of contemporary scenography and its field of operation, looking at scenography as an important agent in the making of a theatre performance, and exploring its applied forms within other fields. 

The jury serves a vital role, as it is the final affirmation of the themes of each Quadrennial, formally recognizing artistic achievement across disciplines in bestowing medals and awards, including the Golden Triga.

More info:

MAY 2019

Beytna by Omar Rajeh - Maqamat entered its 4th year of international touring and will open the Ruhrfestspiele Recklinghausen Festival in Germany on 3, 4 and 5 May.

More info:

APRIL 2019

Citerne Beirut, founded by Omar Rajeh,  is opening its doors on the 4th of April.  This unique performing art space situated  in the heart of Beirut, accessible from all corners, North, South, East and West, Citerne Beirut is the artistic port for all cultures, ideas and identities.

Citerne Beirut was born out of a necessity for an interdisciplinary multifunctional cultural space within Beirut, giving access to more possibilities and ideas.

Starting as a temporary space back in 2017, the new Citerne Beirut will function now over a longer span of time.

Download the Citerne Beirut ap and stay tuned for all activities.

#minaret Lebanese Premiere will be presented  on the 4th and 5h of April 2019 as the opening of BIPOD 2019 and Citerne Beirut.


Omar Rajeh has the pleasure to be invited by Teatro Pubblico Pugliese to open the year in Bisceglie,Italy with an amazing group of dancers as part of Libero corpo 2019 program.

The final sharing of this week of work will happen Wednesday, 16 January at 7 pm, at the auditorium Santa Croce in Bisceglie.



#minaret - Omar Rajeh | Maqamat - new creation 2018

21 September 2018, Avant-premiere at the One Dance Week Festival: Plovdiv, Bulgaria

29 & 30 September 2018,  WORLD PREMIERE at Romaeuropa Festival, Rome, Italy

2 October 2018, Cialo Umysl, Warsaw, Poland

5 October 2018, Tafelhalle im KunstKulturQuartier,  Nuremberg, Germany

As part of the performance in Rome, Omar will be conducting a workshop on the 28 of September from 11am to 1pm at the Academia Nazionale di Danza.

Citerne Beirut at the Berlin Round Table Symposium

Omar Rajeh will be delivering a presentation: "Citerne Beirut, A reservoir for inspiration" at the Berlin Public Symposium, held on the  21st and 22nd of September at the Uferstudios.

Under the topic:  "Concrete Utopias - Berlin's Future Perspectives for Dance", this round table brings together 19 international and national representatives of Berlin's cultural policy, the dance scene in Berlin, the senate culture administration and external experts with practice models.  An opportunity to exchange and talk about structural improvements in working conditions in dance. 


 #minaret will be performed at  the internationale tanzmesse in Düsseldorf on the 30th of August 2018 at 9 pm | tanzhaus nrw - Big Stage. 

For more information about Omar Rajeh's work, come visit us at  the booth 19- Ground Floor at Tanzmesse from 29th August to the 1st of September 2018.

Citerne Beirut will be presented at Tanzmesse at  the internationale tanzmesse in Düsseldorf 

An unprecedented contemporary performing arts center in Beirut, initiated by Omar Rajeh | Maqamat. A reservoir for ambitions, inspiration and creativity.

For more information about Citerne Beirut, come visit us at  the booth 19- Ground Floor at Tanzmesse from 29th August to the 1st of September 2018.


In preparation for the presentation at Tanzmesse, the company will be returning for a second residency at the Ufterstudios at Tanzfabrik Berlin as well as a further residency at Charleroi Danse in Belgium.

JULY 2018

Omar Rajeh  is member of the Jury of The Roma Danza Prize this week! This international competition for dancers and choreographers from all over the world gives space and visibility to young artists, fostering relationships between students and the world of work, also through contacts and synergies between theaters, schools and exponents of international dance. The international jury, which has always included prestigious names and great personalities of the dance world, will have the arduous task of selecting the winners.

Maqamat is thrilled to see Hamdi Dridi receive first prize for his work "Tu meur(s) de terre".  We have been grateful to see the development of this work, presenting it in two editions of Moultaqa Leymoun and sharing Hamdi's considerable talents.

JUNE 2018

Omar Rajeh is teaching in Maqamat's intensive training program Takween. Emerging artists from Lebanon, Egypt, Palestine, Iran and Germany are participating in Takween 2018.

An occasion of developing their creative practice and exploring some of the ideas in Omar's choreographic approach.