Me As a Learner

Learning Strategies

I make flashcards to study

I can memorize material best when I write out information and then review it. This mostly helps me in french and history classes because when I write terms out and then read them over, I am able to mentally picture a term with its definition or significance.

I take study breaks

I can best pay attention to a topic when I'm able to focus on the material for a period of time, and then take a break to walk around or stretch, and so on. I mainly do this when I'm studying at home because after a while I may feel overwhelmed by a subject, and taking short breaks helps me to be more motivated to study and refresh my mind.

I work best independently

While I do enjoy sharing ideas and talking to others, I find that I work most efficiently when I work by myself. This can be beneficial to me as a student because in the future, I will be able to find information and do research without relying on someone else.

Why I chose to learn French

I chose to learn French because of my interest in French history and my desire to learn other languages as well. French is one of the biggest influences for the English language, and France has a long history with the United States.