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Welcome to STEMPALOOZA, Jordan Jackson's school-wide STEM event! In this site, you will find a variety of STEM tasks that you may choose to do with your class. They include tasks that accompany chapter books, math standards, science curriculum, etc. All you need to do is click on the three lines in the top left corner of this page and click on your grade level. We will be sharing the final products with other classes in early March. We predict these activities will be thought-provoking and highly motivating to the kids. Have fun with it!

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Introducing the Design Process 3-5

Introducing the Engineering Design Process

  • What is an engineer?
  • What process would someone use to design solutions to problems?
This comprehensive Google Slides hyperdoc includes instructional videos and activities to teach the design process to students. Students go through the process themselves with a sample design challenge.

You can share this with your students in a few ways. 
  1. Use the SMARTboard for a whole class activity.
  2. Share the Google Slides in Google classroom, making a copy for each student in your class. Students can work on it independently, with buddies, or small group.
  3. Make a copy of the hyperdoc in your personal Google Drive and share a copy of it with students via email. Then have students make a copy in their personal drive. Students can work through it at their own pace.
000 STEM Test.pdf

A true STEM task will include Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Many STEM tasks also include Art (STEAM) or Reading (STREAM).

This document was created for the J/J Stempalooza Summer Institute team. We used this as our guide when developing or choosing appropriate STEM tasks for each grade level at our school.

If you have a STEM task that you would like to use for our STEMPALOOZA event that is not included in this site, please reference this guideline. Although many STEM activities are fun, we would like to be sure that we are making connections to our standards as well as creating enriching activities for our students.

Please consider sharing other great STEM activities to our STEMPALOOZA Google Site. If interested, email your ideas to your grade level science vertical team members.

This video introduces the initiative to our staff.

Helpful Sites for STEM Projects:

Thanks to those people who so willingly shared these STEM tasks so we could bring several of these STEMPalooza activities available to you!