About The Witness Stone Project

From the Witness Stone Project's Website:

"Through research, education, and civic engagement, the WITNESS STONES PROJECT, Inc., seeks to restore the history and honor the humanity of the enslaved individuals who helped build our communities. "

In Mansfield, the Witness Stone Project prompts students to investigate the life and history of Titus, an enslaved person who lived in Mansfield, Connecticut in the 1800s.

Students with the guidance of their teachers researched an enslaved member of Mansfield. Through the use of primary source documents they learned about the life of Titus. They also expanded their understanding of the time period and slavery itself through the study of 5 themes. Then they produced a body of written and art work that demonstrated their understanding of the themes, how they had impact and effect back then right through today. Their work was detailed, thought provoking and emotional.

The Witness Stone