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Starting School 1:1 Device FAQs

Q: What devices are students issued?

A: Students in Kindergarten and 1st Grade are issued iPads.

Students in 2nd - 8th grade are issued Chromebooks.

These devices are developmentally appropriate for student learning.

Q: How can my child responsibly take care of this device?

A: Devices should be carried with two hands, remain in the provided case, and kept away from any food or drinks.

More information on caring for 1:1 devices can be found here: 1:1 Device Care

Q: Is my child required to charge the device?

A: Yes, it is the expectation that devices be fully charged every night and brought to school, ready for learning.

Q: What if the device is lost, damaged, or stolen?

A: Loaner devices may be issued while a repair is in progress.

Elementary Schools: students should notify their classroom teacher.

Middle School: students should bring their device to the Library Media Center.

* Damage or loss due to negligence by the student may result in disciplinary consequences.

Q: What filters and/or safety precautions have been set up on the device?

A: The device has internet filters installed that will limit access to adult or inappropriate content whether they are using the school internet connection or they're at home. However, it's still important for parents to monitor device use at home in accordance with the district's acceptable use policy [link] .

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