Other Volunteers

Other Volunteers

Volunteers whose interactions with students are limited and who will always be within sight and hearing of staff members shall be considered OTHER volunteers. The duties of OTHER volunteers may include activities like distributing popcorn or chaperoning day field trips under the supervision of staff.

All volunteers must complete the following forms:

Volunteer Application: Click Here

Volunteer Confidentially Form: Click Here

Volunteer Acknowledgement Form: Click Here

1st time volunteers must complete the form above and attend a volunteer orientation. Copies of the forms will be available at the training. To save time you may want to print and complete the forms in advance to bring with you.

Volunteer Orientations will be offered multiple times throughout the school year.

Volunteer Orientation Dates - Click Here

Returning volunteers who have attended a orientation during the prior school year at the same school:

    1. Watch the video (Coming Soon)
    2. Read the handbook.
    3. Complete the three forms above.
    4. Return these completed forms to the main office during regular school hours.