We are West High!

Vision for the Project

Our goal is to transform West into a student-centered, competency-based high school in which students transcend the school walls to experience diverse, authentic learning opportunities and develop the competencies required for the 21st century alongside our community’s myriad educational, business, and nonprofit organizations with whom we will partner. Students will be supported to design a Personalized Learning Plan (PLP), with multiple pathways by which to explore their individual interests while meeting academic competencies. Student success will be redefined to focus on demonstration of mastery of the knowledge and skills within key college, citizenship, and career-ready cross-disciplinary and discipline-based competencies, and culminate in a graduation capstone performance assessment and portfolio demonstration.

Every student at West will be known well by at least one caring adult who will support them to find relevance, continue their education, and plan based on future aspirations. By expanding our school model to encompass a wider learning ecosystem that extends beyond a traditional approach to education, we will revitalize West High School to better serve the needs of every student. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, we will design a program that offers all students a flexible pathway to graduation, with multiple opportunities to forge meaningful and lasting relationships with adults and students who care deeply for one another’s success. Our model will provide every student with individualized, student-centered programming, resulting in inspired, informed, and empowered youth to graduate with multiple meaningful opportunities for college, career, and life.

Our vision for a redesigned West High School focuses on five key areas: Out of School Learning, Personalization, College & Career Preparation, Student Support & Family Engagement, and School Culture. The following are detailed descriptions of these five components to West’s new high school model that outlines how all high school students will participate in a wider learning ecosystem.

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Manchester West Redesign