Gold 6-3 Teachers

Mrs. Williams-Language Arts/Science

Mrs. Provost-Math/Social Studies

Mrs. Perron-Special Education

Gold 6-3 Homework and News!

Check daily for homework and important dates

Helpful Math Website (kids all have been signed up and should know log in info)

Week of May 14th


  • Math-Period B Composite Shape Puzzle Area retake tomorrow-study
  • Period C- no homework but study for retake if you are retaking tomorrow
  • Social Studies-Section 7.4 Key Terms and Places
  • Science-None
  • Language Arts-Pg 4 Spelling Percy Jackson Vocab and Page 7


  • Math-Area Puzzle
  • Science: Page 1,2,3 in the book
  • Language Arts: Spelling Page 2 and 3 Page 6 in Percy Jackson and Greek Worksheet
  • Social Studies: Section 7.1 7.2 Questions

Math: Practice 10-3

Social Studies: Rome Way of Life Worksheet and Quiz 7.3

Language Arts: Spelling Packet Pg 1 and sentences

Science: read 318-324 and answer questions

Week of April 30th ( we have State testing tomorrow and Wed-please bring to book to read after completion)

Math: Finish review worksheet

Science: Project due May 7th

Social Studies: The Etruscans guided reading

Language Arts: Spelling Packet Page one and Sentences

Week of April 16, 2018


Math: Mean, Median, Mode sampling and data compiled ( may use calculator)

Science: Notes, get book cover

Language Arts: Spelling Packet Page 2 & 3

Social Studies: Key terms Chapter 7.1

Week of April 2, 2018


  • Math : Percent Test Tomorrow
  • Social Studies: Section 4 Worksheet
  • Science: Work on Project
  • Language Arts: Spelling Packet and Drawing


  • Math : Test Thursday
  • Period B Percents Worksheet
  • Period C: pg 390 1-20
  • Science : Project
  • Language Arts: Spelling Packet
  • Social Studies: None

Math: Period B: 382-383; 331-336

Period C: Percent Worksheet

Social Studies: Chapter 6 Section 1,2,3 Test

Language Arts: Spelling Packet

Science: Work on Project

Week of March 26,2018


  • Math pg 377 1-63
  • Language Arts: Pretest
  • Science: 1/2 Page Journal Entry
  • Social Studies: Key Terms and People


  • Math Practice 7-8
  • Language Arts: Spelling Packet 1. Vocabulary words, sketch quote-pick a scene to illustrate from chapter 16
  • Science: Work on Science Project
  • Chapter 6 Section 2 Guided Reading

Week of March 19th


Math: Percent worksheet

Science: None

Social Studies: None

Language Arts: Spelling Page 4

Monday: Science: Think about topic for Science Project

Language Arts: Spelling Packet Page 1 and 10 Sentences

Math: Inequality Test tomorrow

Social Studies: None


  • Math: Inequality review
  • Social Studies: None
  • Language Arts: Finish spelling packet and spelling pre-test and handout
  • Science: None


Math: Pg 731-732 15-46 (not 45)

Social Studies: Guided Reading Section 1 Greece

Science: Perplexer

Language Arts: Spelling Packet and Finish Among the Hidden Worksheet

Monday: Math 13-5/13-6

Social Studies: Make sure Vocab is finished Chapter 4 Section 1


Languagr Arts: Spelling Packet Page 1 and Sentences/Vocab


  • Math: 2 Step Inequalities worksheet
  • Social Studies: Chapter 3 Study Guide...Test Friday
  • Science: None
  • Language Arts: Spelling Packet Page 4 and Practice Test

Math: Period B 13-5 Practice B/Period C:13-5 Practice B and 720 19-36

Science: Puzzles 1 and 2

Social Studies: 3.4 Guided Reading worksheet

Language Arts: Spelling Page 1

Week of Feb 20, 2018


  • Social Studies: Quiz ! Chapter 3 sections 3 & 4..finish your"create a quiz" as well
  • Math: None
  • Language Arts: Project if you did not finish and Spellling Pre-Test
  • Science: If you did not finish Frayer Model if you did not in class


  • Math: Re-take integer test tomorrow. Scores will be averaged
  • Science: Test tomorrow..allowed to use 1 index card
  • Language Arts: Spelling Packet Pg. 4 and rough draft vocab word
  • Social Studies: Chapter 3 Vocab paper
  • Tuesday

Math : pg 628 1-42

Science: Finish Practice Test

Language Arts: Spelling Packet Page 1, 2 ,3

Social Studies: Guided Reading 3.2

Week of Feb 12, 2018


  • Math: Period B None (we didn't have class due to extended Science Class)
  • Period C: pg 716 14-25
  • Science: Vocab and Lab Worksheet
  • Language Arts: Spelling Packet due
  • Social Studies: Project due Tuesday


  • Math-None, we had test today
  • Science-finish def. for Friday and bring in sugar and index cards for tomorrow
  • Language Art-Spelling Packet Due Friday
  • Social Studies-None, they worked on projects in class