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Quality of Life (QOL) Programme  

The Quality of Life Programmed (QoL) is a new and innovative project undertaken by Manovikas Charitable Society. It aims to provide a safe, stimulating and creative day center for young people and adults in the community with severe and multiple disabilities that are unlikely to benefit from further educational intervention or training programme.        Introduction  

Developmental Changes


Marvel is a 17 year old Boy . he is from middle class family . He have Autism Spectrum Disorder. He joined Saathsaath (QOL). in the year 2021. He had many issues.

1- He didn't know how to eat properly .

2- He does not perform activity of daily living .

3- He use to stay at home aloof, did not interact with others .

Since Marvel joined Manolaya (Hostel) at Manovikas .There was a drastic change in his behavior. He now interact with other in his own way, He learned activities of daily living. He now do all his daily living activities such as eating , toileting, changing clothes etc. He now do lots of activities such as painting, beading, coloring etc. He has his proper routine here .He wakes up, he bath do his breakfast and attend school. 

Best Wishes for his future

Muaaviya Iqbal

Muaaviya Iqbal is 14 year old boy .He is from Middle class family and having severe Intellectual Disability. He does not sit at one place due to his hyperactivity.He has been coming at Saath- Saath since 2019. He has a lot of behavioral issues like

After getting admission in center his parents doesn't send him there. The concern of his parents was that if his son come in the center then he starts to behave like special students but after getting counselling, they starts to send him . After some time Muavvia shown a splendid changes and learn a lot of things from there.

Best wishes for his future

Lukesh yadav

Lukesh Yadav is a girl. She belongs to a middle class family. She have Multiple Disability. She joins Saath-Saath (QOL) in year 2017. She has many behavioral issues as below

After joining Saath-Saath, Lukesh shows drastic change in her behavior. She starts to work on her desirable behavior. She performs activities like relaxation and meditation for half an hour daily. At lunch time students shared food with each other, the teacher told her to share food with friends. She learned a lot of things from there like sharing, caring, friendship and many more. 

Best wishes for her life for future.

Qaulity of Life 

The Quality of Life Programme (QOL) is a specialist day centre in urban slums communities that offers comprehensive care to young people and adults with severe and multiple disabilities. QOL employs highly trained staff who provide specialised support services tailored to meet each PIDD's needs, including activities like art classes, recreational outing, vocational training, physiotherapy exercises, speech and language therapy sessions, counselling sessions, and social skills development.Here at QOL, we strive to provide PIDD's with a quality of life they would otherwise be able to enjoy.

Activities and Services we provide 

We involve students in various activities. We provide speech therapies to the students who have difficulty in communication. We try our best to create safe and stimulating environment for our students. Activities we do in QOL Read more 

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Few Words By Ajays' Brother. 


April 2nd 

Travel with Confidence

We are very proud to present our initiative to help individuals with IDD travel independently . Our team worked with the Delhi Metro to provide a safe , friendly and disability- accessible environment for ASD persons. 

Community Based Center

The Quality of life programmed is high support need for those who are severe and Profoundly Intellectual Disability ,they are not given any importance in family and community.The family members also do not want to do anything for them,for such people the Quality of life programmed has been made so that their needs are kept in mind and fulfilled.


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