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MAV Student Games Day 7-9

Two teams of four students from each of our 7-9 enrichment classes were chosen to complete in a Maths Games Day against other schools from across Victoria. As we were in remote learning during this time, each team worked to deligate and break down the activities during their time allocated. It was a whirlwind of a day, with students not only practicing their mathematical problem solving skills, but also their leadership and team-building skills.


Year 7 Team A: 32nd place - 126 points

Year 7 Team B: 26th place - 145 points

Year 8 Team A: 27th place - 175 points

Year 8 Team B: 36th place - 144 points

Year 9 Team A: 17th place - 106 points

Year 9 Team B: 16th place - 108 points

Thank you to Ms Garg, Mr Meadows, and Mr Le for making the three games days successful this year!

Culture Makers Lab

A select number of interested writers from year 9 and 10 were given the opportunity to attend a Writing Workshop hosted by Gurmeet Kaur from the Immigration Museum with guest speakers Anthea Yang and Munira Tabassum Ahmed. Students were introduced to the writing process through experiences, forms of poetry, key ideas when writing, and practiced responding to prompts.

“The writer's stories were original, raw and brought a new point of view to the words of identity, inspiring everyone to be an author, instead of limiting the space of authors to those who we know but many more.”

  • Frankee-Lee George

“My previous English teachers always said that writing is about depth and meaning that connects to the world. I've always believed that such depth and literature can be found in the works of famous dead authors like Shakespeare. Attending this webinar personally illuminated how writing can be used as an outlet of expression. It truly does. As an activity, we were told to write without stopping. By simply writing for 10 minutes with a ghost line, I felt as if I was channelling a creative and hidden alter ego within myself. And for that, I am grateful to the Immigration Museum, Culture Makers Lab, and guest speakers Anthea Yang and Munira Tabassum Ahmed for their insights and experiences.”

  • Swetha Nandakumar

For anyone interested in responding to one of the writing prompts, see below:

Key Ideas

Ghost line – a line of writing taken from someone else that inspires your writing but is not included in the final version of your work

Free writing – writing all your thoughts without stopping for a set period of time and without worrying about spelling, punctuation or grammar

Writing Prompt (10min)

"If I don’t define myself for myself, I would be crunched into other people’s fantasies for me and eaten alive." - Audre Lorde

1. List words that you associate with define, crunched, eaten alive, myself for myself

2. Free-write starting with the ghost line 'If I don't define myself for myself...'

Challenge – Incorporate the bold words as you write

2022 Applications Open!

MLC_POSTER (1).pdf

Thank you to Angel Vasisht of 8C for creating this advertisement

Kangaroo sans Frontières 2021 results

Congratulations to the following students for receiving outstanding results in the KSF maths competition in March!

  • Angel Vasisht - 8C DISTINCTION

  • Ruhab Hasan - 9C DISTINCTION

  • Ashnadhi Jaiprakash 7C CREDIT

  • Arghya Singh 7C CREDIT

  • Noah Behrens - 7C CREDIT

  • Viraaj Aulakh 7C CREDIT

  • Hansika Rakesh 7G CREDIT

  • Chelsea Borchard - 8C CREDIT

  • Hassan Naveed 8C CREDIT

  • Jiya Thakur 8C CREDIT

  • Joseph Alkourashi - 8C CREDIT

  • Mrithika Suresh Kumar - 8C CREDIT

  • Siya Gauri Singh - 8C CREDIT

  • Harman Lidhar - 8E CREDIT

  • William Groves - 8E CREDIT

  • Priyanka Prashanth 8G CREDIT

  • Abhiraj Mahajan 9C CREDIT

  • Bikramjit Singh 9C CREDIT

  • Prisha Parmar 9C CREDIT

  • Santi Bagatsing 9C CREDIT

  • Seth Jeffrey 9C CREDIT

  • Ashton-Kade Mani 10D CREDIT

  • Johanne Gutierrez 10C CREDIT

VHAP Term 1 reflections

The Victorian High Ability Program is an online course that you complete over a month. I completed the online dystopian texts course where we analyzed Hive by A.J Betts. We had 1 hour a week which included analyzing dystopian films and novels. Through completing the set tasks and homework, I have gained a greater understanding of the different types of dystopias and analysing dystopian texts. VHAP is a great way to extend and challenge you in either maths or English.

  • Chelsea Borchard

I enjoyed VHAP, as it extends your understanding of the subject that you have selected. For instance, I had chosen math and had done different activities that made you think outside the box. One thing that I really liked about VHAP was that you are working with other bright, like minded people, a nice experience.

  • Atupuha Vaea

The VHAP program is something unique and something more than a get-out-of-class ticket. It's more than just learning. It teaches you many ways to cope with math questions and new efficient and effective problem-solving skills.

  • Joseph

VHAP is a program that allows for further development of skills. It allows you to expand your knowledge of advanced topics.

  • Hassan

Kangaroo sans Frontières

On the 18 of March 2021, select high-ability 7-10 maths students attended the Kangourou Sans Frontières Maths compétition. All papers in the maths test had 30 questions and went for 75 minutes. The first 10 questions were current student year level, then they gradually got harder and more difficult to answer within the given time. It was an honour to participate in the competition and most of us are looking forward to the second test somewhere in the middle of August. Overall it was an interesting experience that tested student abilities.

  • Mrithika Suresh Kumar, 8C

The Victorian High-Ability Program

A new program has been employed by the Victorian Government Department of Education and Training (DET), where Virtual School Victoria develop and deliver the Victorian High-Ability Program. This consists of intensive ten-week online courses in Mathematics and English for students in Years 5-8. Students are chosen from each school by the DET, with new students chosen each term.

More information can be found here:


Nicole Grigson - Enrichment Coordinator 2021

A change-over from Brandon Khenkitisak has taken place, and I am pleased to announce that I am the Enrichment Coordinator for 2021. I am excited to continue the high ability learning programs for our students and I am looking forward to working together this year.

Please turn your enquiries to myself for 2021.

  • Nicole Grigson

NGV’s Creative Writing Challenge with Kalinda Ashton: Dystopian Worlds

Today’s society has many issues, including but not limited to global warming, gender inequality, and, of course, the COVID-19 pandemic. NGV’s Creative Writing Challenge with Kalinda Ashton: Dystopian Worlds inspired both myself and others to extend our thinking on these issues in a creative manner, using artwork from the NGV collection as inspiration. Key ideas that I’ve taken away from the challenge include how to construct a premise for a short story, crafting an opening line, and imagining a setting. The workshop left me with ways to extend my writing in the future, and was incredibly engaging.

  • Mikayla Borchard

More details about the creative writing challenge here: https://www.ngv.vic.gov.au/program/writing-kalinda-ashton/

ARC Creative Writing Challenge

Creativity can sprout anywhere, and the ARC Creative Writing Challenge really helped me understand that. The workshop, which was held on the 21st of September, focused on finding inspiration for our stories in some simple yet beautiful pieces of art. The workshop helped me understand how to cultivate ideas and transform them into detailed stories.The workshop also highlighted the importance of well developed characters and helped us shape our protagonist through a series of questions. These questions focused on what our character wants, branching out to their traits. The questions also helped us to make the obstacles and stakes of our story clear. This led me to delving deeper into the much needed planning and thought process for a good story, equipping me with helpful tips and tricks to transform ideas into brilliant stories.

  • Siya Singh

More details about the creative writing challenge here: https://arc.educationapps.vic.gov.au/eventhub/providers/NGV/events/779/details

Applications for 2021 Enrichment classes are now closed!

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