Op Shop

Community of Hope

Who are we?

We are Mano Baps Op Shop, offering a warm, hospitable, friendly and welcoming place

for people to come and purchase affordable goods.

What do we sell?

Men's, Ladies and Children's Clothes, Shoes, Bags, Jewelry and Accessories,

Manchester, Books, Toys, Art work - Pictures and Photos,

Bric-a-brac , Crockery, Kitchen Ware and much much more.

Donations of Goods Gratefully accepted:

We Can Accept:

Clothes Shoes Handbags Manchester (bedding, towels, blankets etc) Crockery

Kitchenware Bric - a - Brac, Books and Magazines

Please honour our customers with only your best donations

Please NO FURNITURE, MATTRESSES ~ TV's, PRAMS etc. as we do not have room to store such items


Tuesday 10am - 3.30pm

Wednesday 10am - 3.30pm

Thursday 10am - 3.30pm

Friday 10am - 3.30pm