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Welcome to Mrs. Najewski's Classroom!

In our classroom, we are not just students at Anna McDonald. We are adventurers, scientists, caretakers, peers, helpers, learners, and a whole skew of other adjectives that describe children who have the ability to succeed. I believe that no child "can't" do something...they just may not be able to do it YET! I believe in a Growth Mindset, where we all take chances, make mistakes, and learn from them because nothing amazing ever happened on the first try! Join us this year as we embark on a wonderful journey in fourth grade!

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Are you trying to find a just right book but don't know where to start? Check out the websites below! Just plug in your Lexile Level, add your interests, and a list of books will be generated that are at your reading level. How amazing is that?

The Lexile Framework for Reading

Accelerated Reader Bookfinder