Year 5-6 Team

Navigators of Aotearoa

Welcome to the Year 5-6 Team at Mangere Central School.

Empowering Learners to Take Flight

Term 4, Week 9

Monday 13th - Thursday 16th December 2021

School finishes for all students on Thursday, 16th December 2021.

End of Year Assembly & Senior School Graduation

Join us virtually for our End of Year Assembly and Senior School Graduation.

When: Thursday 16th December 2021

Time: 9am-10am


We will celebrate the successes of our Senior School students and farewell a few of our much loved teachers.

In order to keep our tamariki safe, we will be following Covid restrictions and no guests will be allowed onsite. Please follow the link the view the assembly virtually.

Matua Junior's Farewell

Please join the MCS Whanau virtually as we farewell Matua Junior.

When: Thursday 16th December 2021

Time: 10.30am-12pm


Term 4, Week 7-8

Monday 29th - Friday 10th December 2021

Back to School - Senior School

It has been wonderful to have some of our tamariki back at school. We have been focusing on re-building relationships, on mindfulness as well as health and wellbeing. Our students have returned to school happy to reconnect with their friends and are settled in their learning routines.

Term 4, Week 6

Monday 21st - Friday 26th November 2021

Pasifika Early Literacy Project

Family Fono Zoom Series

The Pacific Early Literacy Project is owned and led by Dr Rae Si'ilata. Join the online sessions to discuss the importance and value of heritage languages and the advantages of bilingualism.

Learning at home continues...

Online Learning is still happening for those students who are at home.

Classroom teachers will continue online class meetings and activities will continue to be added to Hapara.

If you do not have a device for school use at home, please continue working on your Home Based Learning Packs. A new pack will be sent out in the next week.

Term 4, Week 5

Monday 15th - Friday 19th November 2021

School is Open!

Thursday 18th November 2021

We will be welcoming students back to school from Thursday 19th November 2021.

Please read the attached notice carefully. It contains information about mask wearing, pick up and drop off times and parent access to school.

Your child/ren will also bring home a physical copy of this letter. Please contact the school office with any questions.

Term 4, Week 4

Monday 8th - Friday 12th November 2021

Hauora Online Lockdown Programme

Healthy Active Learning

WED 10th Nov | 10:00 – 10:30am

Fun, inclusive of all (including those with disabilities), culturally responsive including delivery in Te Reo, target audience is tamariki, teachers, wider whanau and educators.

Bring to the session: Your laughter and a ball to play with.

THURS 11th Nov | 11:30 – 12:15pm

Modern Hip Hop dance - Suitable for all ages, caregivers, teachers/kaiako but target audience is Years 1-8

FRI 12th Nov | 10:00 – 10:30am

FUN, inclusive of all (including those with disabilities), culturally responsive including delivery in Te Reo, target audience is tamariki, teachers, wider whanau and educators.

Bring to the session: A Skipping rope or something similar to play with.

MCS Lockdown Challenge

Term 4, Week 4

Check out the MCS Lockdown Challenge for Term 4, week 4.

Every Monday Whaea Cindy adds a new challenge video to our schools Facebook page, Hapara and Seesaw.

All you have to do is watch the video, find the answers to Whaea Cindy's questions and email her with the answers (don't forget to include your name, classroom number and house colour).

You will collect house points for every correct answer!

Term 4, Week 3

Monday 1st - Friday 5th November 2021

MCS Lockdown Challenge

Term 4, Week 3

Check out the MCS Lockdown Challenge for Term 4, week 3.

Every Monday Whaea Cindy adds a new challenge video to our schools Facebook page, Hapara and Seesaw.

All you have to do is watch the video, find the answers to Whaea Cindy's questions and email her with the answers (don't forget to include your name, classroom number and house colour).

You will collect house points for every correct answer!

Diwali 2021

Thursday 4th November 2021

Diwali or Deepavali (row of lamps), is an important and ancient Indian festival celebrated throughout India and in Indian communities around the world.

Colloquially known as ‘The Festival of Lights’, Diwali signifies the triumph of light over darkness, good over evil and the renewal of life.

Have a look at the powerpoint presentation that Miss Vaidya (Room 9) has made for our MCS whanau. She has included a range of activities for you to try at home.

Diwali 2021.pptx

Term 4, Week 2

Tuesday 26th - 29th October 2021

New Zealand ShakeOut

New Zealand ShakeOut, our national earthquake drill and tsunami hīkoi, is taking place Thursday 28 October at 9:30am.

ShakeOut takes place across the world to remind people of the right action to take during an earthquake. Drop, Cover and Hold. You can also practise a tsunami hīkoi (evacuation) if you're in a coastal area.

Check out the Get Ready website for more information on how to be prepared for a natural disaster. There is also range of fun resources for you to do.

MCS Lockdown Challenge

Term 4, Week 2

Check out the MCS Lockdown Challenge for Term 4, week 2.

Every Monday Whaea Cindy adds a new challenge video to our schools Facebook page, Hapara and Seesaw.

All you have to do is watch the video, find the answers to Whaea Cindy's questions and email her with the answers (don't forget to include your name, classroom number and house colour).

You will collect house points for every correct answer!

Term 4, Week 1

Monday 18th - Friday 22nd October 2021

As we enter Term 4 we continue learning from home.

Throughout the holidays our teachers have put together new Home Based Learning Packs. These will be couriered out ready for learning in week 1 of Term 4.

Classes will commence online meetings and new online learning will be available via Hapara.

Please contact your classroom teacher if you have any questions about Home Based Learning.

Niue Language Week 2021

Niue Language Week 2021

This year’s theme for Faahi Tapu he Vagahau Niue – Niue Language Week is Kia Tupuolaola e Moui he Tagata Niue which means May the Tagata Niue thrive.

Check out the Google Slides for information and activities.

School Holidays

Monday 3rd - Friday 15th October 2021

The Senior School Teachers wish you all a safe and restful school holidays,

Remember to stay safe and be kind!

We hope to see you all in person for Term 4.

Term 3, Week 10

Monday 27th September - Friday 1st October 2021

Mental Health Awareness Week

This year’s Mental Health Awareness Week (MHAW) is all about connecting with the people in our lives and creating space for conversations about mental health and wellbeing. Whether it’s checking in with a mate, having a kōrero over some kai or saying hello to a stranger, a little chat can go a long way. Have a look at the activities below and give some of them a try. We would love to see photo's and video's of you and your family members taking part in these activities. You can email these to your classroom teacher,

Term 3, Week 9

Monday 20th - Friday 24th September 2021


From 11.59pm on Tuesday 21st September 2021

Home Based Learning Packs

The Year 5-6 teachers have been in school this week organising new Home Based Learning packs for our students.

These packs will be sent out to those who indicated they would like additional work for their child/ren.

Happy Learning!

Term 3, Week 8

Monday 13th - Friday 17th September 2021

Mahi for the Moment! Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori 2021


Māori Language Week

Māori Language Week has been celebrated in Aotearoa since 1975. This special week is an opportunity for the concentrated celebration and promotion of te reo Māori, helping to secure its future as a living, dynamic, and rich language.

This week we will be posting a range of activities for you to participate in and practice your te reo Māori.


Auckland remains in Level 4

Auckland remains in Alert Level 4 until Tuesday, 21st September 2021.

This means that school remains closed for both teachers and students.

Students have their physical Home Based Learning Packs to work on, as well as the additional activities online (Hapara) and the websites provided here on our Year 5-6 team page.

Please do not hesitate to contact your child's classroom teacher with any questions or queries.

Stay Safe, Stay Home and Stay in your Bubble.

Term 3, Week 7

Monday 6th - Friday 10th September 2021

Tonga Language Week

Uike Lea Faka-Tonga

This year’s theme for Uike Kātoanga’i ‘o e lea faka-Tonga - Tonga Language Week is Fakakoloa 'o Aotearoa 'aki 'a e Ako Lelei, which means enriching Aotearoa with holistic education.

The theme serves as a conversation starter on the importance of holistic education, diverse forms of learning and how Aotearoa can benefit from it.

Due to COVID-19 Alert Levels across Aotearoa Uike Kātoanga’i ‘o e lea faka-Tonga - Tonga Language Week will be celebrated online.

Activities and events hosted from household-bubbles across the country will be held online to embrace Uike Kātoanga’i ‘o e lea faka-Tonga.

Check out the slides, put together by our very own MCS Tongan Whanau. You can take part in the daily activities from home.

2021 Tonga Language Week Presentation

Term 3, Week 6

Monday 30th August - Friday 3rd September 2021

Daily Quizzes

Stuff publishes daily quizzes which you can access online for free on the Stuff website. There’s a morning and afternoon quiz for the adults, and a daily kids’ quiz.

Quizzes help with concentration, identify gaps in knowledge, build confidence and help retain information.

Go on, give them them a go!

Level 4 continues....

This afternoons press conference saw a decision for Auckland to remain at Alert Level 4 for at least another 2 weeks, with a review on Monday 13 September.

This means that Mangere Central School will continue to be closed for instruction and Home Based Learning will continue.

Hopefully all students have now received their HBL Packs, which were couriered last week. If you have any questions in regards to the activities in these packs, please contact your child's classroom teacher via email.

Room 13 -

Room 14 -

Room 21 -

Room 22 -

Room 23 -

Teachers will be holding online class meetings 1-2 days per week. An email will be sent out stating the days and times for your child's class. These meetings provide an opportunity for students to interact with each other and share their "lockdown experiences". Teachers may also lead literacy and numeracy lessons in these meetings.

Term 3, Week 5

Monday 23rd - Friday 27th August 2021

Home Based Learning Packs & Devices

With the recent government announcement that Auckland will remain in Alert Level 4 for another seven days, teachers have been busy printing and collating new Home Based Learning Packs for our tamariki.

Please read below for the latest details on how you can access these learning packs.

Healthy Mind, Body & Soul

Getting outdoors is good for the mind, body and soul!

Here are a few ideas of the fun things you can do in your own back yard!

Check out the Sparklers website for more exciting at home resources.

Some positive thoughts for the week....

MCS Daily Lockdown Challenges

We hope that you have been enjoying Whaea Cindy's daily lockdown challenges. By watching her daily videos and emailing the answer to her lockdown challenge, you could earn yourself house points!

Check out our Mangere Central Facebook page for her daily challenges.

Self Care During Lockdown

Self-care is often the first thing that gets sacrificed when life is stressful, and people often think that taking time for themselves seems indulgent. But looking after your own wellbeing will help you get through this challenging time, and will help you to better care for others.

Term 3, Week 4

Monday 16th - Friday 20th August 2021

New Zealand is in Alert Level 4

Mangere Central School is closed until Wednesday, 25th August 2021

Home Based Learning during Level 4 Lockdown

Earlier in the year (during the Level 3 Lockdown) our Senior School students received an updated Home Learning Pack. The activities in these packs were carefully designed by our teachers and cover a range of Curriculum areas (Reading, Writing, Maths and Inquiry Learning). They are suitable for children to work on independently.

There is no expectation that all of these activities be completed in one day, however we hope that these capture your child's attention and that they are motivated to attempt one activity from each curriculum area per day (maximum of 4 activities). Should your child complete all of the provided activities, we do have some online extension activities available. These can be accessed through the online platform, Hapara.

Your child’s teacher will make contact with all parents/guardians in the coming days, Contact will be made via email/text or phone call. This is an opportunity for you to ask any questions about the Home Based Learning Pack and discuss any concerns.

We ask you to please orientate yourself with the activities in this pack and talk with your child/ren about them.

Term 3, Week 3

Monday 9th - Friday 13th August 2021

Cook Islands Language Week

This week we celebrate Cook Islands Language Week.

Each day our students will participate in classroom activities where they learn new Cook Island phrases, songs, and dances.

We welcome parents and whanau to join us for our Cook Island Assembly this coming Friday.

2021 Cook Islands Language Week

MOSA Inter-school Soccer Tournament

This week our Senior School Boys and Girls took part in the MOSA Inter-school Soccer Tournament. All teams played extremely well and represented MCS with pride.

Congratulations to all our participants.

Royal New Zealand Ballet - The Firebird with Paquita

This week 10 lucky students spent the afternoon watching the Royal New Zealand ballet perform 'The Firebird with Paquita' at the Aotea Centre. Students were excited to experience a live ballet performance and we hope that it has inspired them to continue their learning in Performing Arts.


Following the triumph of his Hansel & Gretel in 2019, the Royal New Zealand Ballet is delighted to commission a new work by Choreographer in Residence Loughlan Prior for 2021.

Loughlan Prior and Tracy Grant Lord have reimagined The Firebird for a different time: one in which the natural world is threatened and humanity is staring into the abyss of extinction. Captured, the Firebird offers the possibility of redemption, if only humankind are brave enough to follow her path. Like the phoenix, humanity can rise from the ashes and forge a new world.

Term 3, Week 1

Monday 26th - Friday 30th July 2021

Welcome to Term 3!

We wish you all a warm welcome back to school. We have a busy Term ahead and have listed some important dates below.

  • Sir Peter Blake MERC

  • Cook Island Language Week

  • Year 5-6 Soccer Tournament

  • EPRO8 Engineering Challenge starts

  • Parents Whanau Day (12pm-1pm)

  • Daffodil Day

  • Let's Siva

  • Motuhake Show

  • Tongan Language Week

  • Discovery Day for Parents (9am-11am)

  • MCS Talent Quest

  • Snow Planet Trip

Sir Peter Blake Marine Education and Recreation Camp

On the first day of Term 3, forty of our Year 5-6 Students ventured to the Sir Peter Blake MERC in Long Bay.

As well as learning about the marine life in our oceans, students were taught how to engage with the ocean safely, how to restore it, and how to protect it.

Students participated in a range of activities including rock climbing and abseiling, surfing and body boarding, bike riding, kayaking and survival skills. They also gave back to the local community by collecting rubbish off the beach and spreading mulch in the adjoining Long Bay Regional Park.

Participating in camp activities helps children develop important social, emotional and cognitive skills. Best of all, children create memories that last a lifetime!

Term 2, Week 8

Monday 21st - Friday 25th June 2021

3 Way Conferences

A reminder to book in for your child's 3 Way Conference.

Conferences are being held on:

  • Wednesday 30th June: 1.20pm-7pm

  • Thursday 1st July: 1.20pm-7pm

Booking can be made online at or alternatively you can see the school office to book a time to see your child's teacher.

Students have lots to share about their learning. We look forward to seeing you next week!

Mindfulness Mornings at MCS

The Senior School have been practicing mindfulness before our morning classes start.

Students choose to participate in mindfulness activities such as....

  • Meditation

  • Mindfulness Colouring

  • Positive Affirmations

  • Reading

This gives students the opportunity to set themselves up for a positive day of learning.

Mindfulness is the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around us.

When we’re mindful, we reduce stress, enhance performance, gain insight and awareness through observing our own mind, and increase our attention to others’ well-being.

Mindfulness meditation gives us a time in our lives when we can suspend judgment and unleash our natural curiosity about the workings of the mind, approaching our experience with warmth and kindness—to ourselves and others.

Term 2, Week 7

Wednesday 16th June 2021

Vector Wero White Water Park

On Wednesday our Year 6 students spent a fun and educational day at the Vector Wero White Water Park.

They participated in both flat water and white water activities including kayaking, paddle boarding, white water rafting and moving water river crossings.

Students built confidence and learned survival skills to be better prepared and able to safely enjoy the water.

Term 2, Week 5

Monday 31st May - Friday 4th June 2021

Samoan Language Week

31st May - 5th June

This year’s theme for Vaiaso o le Gagana Samoa - Samoa Language Week 2021 is Poupou le lotoifale. Ola manuia le anofale which means strengthen the posts of your house, for all to thrive.

Join us for our Samoan Language Week Assembly on Friday 5th June at 2pm.

Samoa Language Week 2021

Term 2, Week 4

Monday 24th - Friday 28th May 2021

Whanau Day

Friday 28th May

Join us this Friday for our Whanau Day from 12pm-1pm.

See what our tamariki are learning in their Language and Culture classes.


Wednesday 2nd June

On Wednesday 2nd June the Senior School are taking a trip to the Museum of Transport and Technology. This is inline with our Inquiry topic - Navigators of Aotearoa,

Students will be comparing and contrasting the early years to modern times.

We are looking for responsible parent helpers who can join us on the trip. Please contact your child's classroom teacher if you are able to help.

Term 2, Week 3

Monday 17th - Friday 21st May 2021


Celebrated annually around the globe, Pink Shirt Day began in Canada in 2007 when two students took a stand against homophobic bullying, after a peer was bullied for wearing a pink shirt. In Aotearoa, Pink Shirt Day works to create schools, workplaces, communities and whānau where everyone feels safe, valued and respected.

Term 2, Week 2

Monday 10th - Friday 14th May 2021

Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day to all of our amazing, hardworking, loving, strong, happy and selfless mums.

We hope you have a great day!


The Year 5-6 Students have been participating in a free cycle skills programme called Pedal Power. The programme is based on the Bike NZ Learn to Ride programme.

Students worked with trained instructors who taught the children how to: brake, corner, scoot, balance, stop, mount and dismount, and signal. This unique programme was educational while still being engaging and fun.

  • Session 1 - Bike 101 (i.e. helmet fitting, bike check, scooting)

  • Session 2 - Getting started (i.e. straight-line riding, standing ride, pedal taps and turtle race)

  • Session 3 - Balance and braking

  • Session 4 - Corners and manoeuvring

  • Session 5 - Advanced Skills such as one-handed riding (signalling) and high 5’s

Term 2, Week 1

Monday 3rd - Friday 7th May 2021

We are happy to welcome our Tamariki back to school!

We have plenty of exciting learning and extra curricular activities organised for Term 2.

  • Pedal Power Programme

  • SHILOH -

  • MOTAT Trip

  • Year 6 - Vector Wero White Water Experience

  • 3 Way Conferences

  • Discovery & Whanau classes

Mangere Central School is offering our Year 5 & 6 students the opportunity to purchase their school devices at a discounted price.

Please keep an eye out for a letter sent home containing further information.


GKR Karate is a local Dojo who provided our students with short but informative self defence lessons.

Please ask your children to show you what they learned in these classes.

Term 1, Week 11

Monday 29th March - Friday April 2021

Beatz of Mangere is an action packed cultural event for our Pacific and Maori youth to showcase their cultural performance talents within the Mangere community. We are proud to announce that Mangere Central School will be hosting the event on the 1st April and we can't wait to see you all there!

Please follow the link for more information -

*UPDATE* Beatz of Mangere has been POSTPONED due to wet weather. This event will now take place in Term 4.

Term 1, Week 7

Monday 15th - Friday 19th March 2021

Auckland is now at Alert Level 1.

Parents and Whanau are now welcome onto the school grounds before and after school.

Food for Thought Programme

Students are currently participating in the Food for Thought Programme.

Food for Thought is a free, national, school-based nutrition education programme for Year 5 and 6 students delivered in partnership with the Heart Foundation and Paul Newman’s Own Foundation.

Nutritionists work through the fun, interactive, New Zealand curriculum aligned programme in two classroom sessions. These are followed up with a hands-on learning visit to your local PAK’nSAVE to put the learning into practice.

Each Year 5-6 class is looking for parent helpers to join us for the Supermarket Visits. We require a minimum of 4 adults per class. Please contact your child's classroom teacher for further details.

Swimming at School

Our school pool is clean and ready to be used by our tamariki in Term 1.

As part of our learning in Physical Education, the Senior School classes are practicing water safety, developing confidence in and around water and revising their technique in a range of swimming strokes.

Our swimming day is Wednesday.

Please remind your child to bring their togs and a towel. They may also bring goggles if they wish.

Term 1, Week 6

Welcome Back to School - Alert Level 2

Monday 8th - Friday 12th March 2021

Hygiene and Safety at School

This week we welcome our tamariki back to school.

School is considered a safe place to be in Level 2 and we will be following health and safety guidelines to keep students safe and happy.

These include....

  • Regular hand washing

  • The cleaning of all classroom surfaces - twice daily

  • Safe sneezing and coughing etiquette

In Level 2 parents/guardians are unable to come onsite. Please wait for your children outside the school gates (front and back) while maintaining 2 metres distance from others.

Please contact the school office with any questions.

Ka Ora, Ka Ako - Healthy Lunches in Schools

Mangere Central School is very lucky to be part of the Ka Ora, Ka Ako Healthy Lunch in Schools Programme.

Regular nutritious food is vital for children's physical, mental and educational development. It affects their ability to focus, concentrate and learn.

Ka Ora, Ka Ako aims to reduce food insecurity by providing access to a nutritious lunch every day. Research indicates that reducing food insecurity for children and young people:

  • improves wellbeing

  • supports child development and learning

  • improves learners’ levels of concentration, behaviour and school achievement

  • reduces financial hardship amongst families and whānau

  • addresses barriers to children’s participation in education and promotes attendance at school

  • boosts learners’ overall health.

Ka Ora, Ka Ako accommodate all children by providing vegetarian, halal and allergy friendly lunches.

Please encourage your children to try these lunches.

Level 3 - Home Based Learning

Sunday 28th February - Sunday 7th March 2021

Kia Ora Whanau,

Once again we find ourselves in a Level 3 Lockdown. This is a challenging time for everyone, but we have a plan that we hope is flexible enough to allow all students to engage in quality learning from home.

Physical Home Based Learning Packs have been organised for each and every student at Mangere Central School.

These packs are available for collection from school as follows

Monday: 12pm-3pm

Tuesday and Wednesday: 9am-3pm

Please check our 'Home Based Learning' page for further information about the Home Based Learning packs and our online extension activities.

Stay home and stay safe!

Meet the Teacher - Postponed

Wednesday, 3rd March 2021

We are holding a 'Meet the Teacher' afternoon.

When: Wednesday, 3rd March 2021

Where: Mangere Central School Hall

Time: 4-5pm

We would love to meet you and share important information about our upcoming year of learning.

COVID19 - Alert Level 3

Monday 15th - Wednesday 17th February 2021

The New Zealand Government announced this evening that Auckland will go into a 3 day lockdown as of 11.59pm on Monday 15th February 2021.

We ask that all students, that are able to, stay home from school during this period. The school will be open for children of essential workers only.

For further information, please read the below update.

Home Based Learning

Monday 15th - Wednesday 17th February 2021

This 3 day lockdown had caught us by surprise!

Teachers are spending these 3 days assembling Home Based Learning Packs. These packs will be sent home with children in week 5 (1-5 March). We ask you to keep these in a safe place and use them, should another lockdown be enforced.

In the meantime, there are plenty of learning activities you could be doing around home. See below for some examples.

  1. Science Experiments - check out

  2. Make your own magazine - fashion, beauty, health, sports, gaming, comedy, baking etc.

  3. Write a book or movie review

  4. Make a gratitude jar and fill it with notes of all the things you are grateful for in your life.

  5. Do some baking, I am sure your family would appreciate it!

  6. Get into the garden. Pull out some weeds and mow the lawns.

  7. Play boardgames with your siblings.

  8. Get moving! Get outdoors and ride your bike, play tag or hide and go seek.

  9. Make some crafts. Make a card, try your hand at origami or draw/paint a picture

  10. Create a vision board for 2021. Use old magazines and newspapers to depict your goals for this year.

Coronavirus Explained for kids

Welcome to 2021!

We would like to extend a warm back to school welcome to all of our senior school students and their families.

Term 1 promises to be full of new and exciting learning experiences.

We hold high expectations for our students this year. These include:

  • Showing respect for yourself, your peers, your teachers and your environment

  • Being an engaged and active participant in class

  • Challenging yourself by being critical, creative and caring thinkers

  • Displaying a Growth Mindset

  • Being a team player

  • Developing and growing leadership qualities

We look forward to sharing and celebrating your child's successes and achievements with you.