Year 0-1 Team

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Welcome Back to 2017 School Year!

School starts on Tuesday 7th February !

Please remember to bring your hat. 'No hat no play' is the rule.

We will notify you when we will start our swimming sessions once we sort out timetables with the other classes. Children will need to bring their togs and some change.

If you want to know about stationery please go to the office and they will give you the right pack for you child.

Please write your child's name on his/her clothes and his/her lunch box so we don't end up with a lot of unclaimed items in our classrooms.

Very Important

We are a healthy eating school, put sandwiches, fruit, snacks and a bottle of water in the children's lunch boxes.

“A sustainable 21st century environment where learners are empowered to ‘take flight’ in our global community.”