Partnerships and Promises

How can we make strong and healthy partnerships?

A message from the Principal




In the words of one of our most prominent women leaders and past student Te Puea Herangi

"Ki te moemoeā ahau, ko au anake. Ki te moemoeā tātou, ka taea e tātou."

"If I have a dream, it is mine alone. If we all share a dream, together we will succeed!"

Shared dreams can lead to collaborative action and explores what is possible.

Through partnerships, we can turn shared dreams into reality.

'Ka taea e tātou! Together we will achieve !

Partnerships at Mangere Bridge School are underpinned by our Core Values

KOTAHITANGA When we work together, we succeed as one. We are whānau.

KAITIAKITANGA We are guardians/ kaitiaki of our environment, each other and everything that makes us special.

MANAAKITANGA We respect and care for each other, everyone is welcome.

RANGATIRATANGA We are confident, self-determined learners and leaders.

It is with great pride that we present the work of our tamariki exploring through their young eyes and hearts the true essence of strong, healthy partnerships.

At 12pm on Wednesday 11th April 2018 The Mangere Bridge School Manaakitanga Hub went live! Every 2018 student has contributed to content for this site in their efforts to answer the question: How can we make strong and healthy partnerships? You will find a wide range of interactive content including online games created by students, physical games and instructional videos. This is Mangere Bridge School's very first online student inquiry outcome and we are very proud to share it with you.