Supporting learning at home

Home learning ideas:

Check out our Mangapapa Learning Hub Facebook page, which has great ideas for supporting learning at home.

Please feel free to speak to your child's teacher around ways that you can support your child's learning at home. They will be only to happy to offer suggestions/ideas/support.


One fantastic way that you can support reading learning at home is by reading to your child. Regardless of their age, or ability to read independently, sharing a story with your children is not only a special time, but it also allows them to enjoy reading, discuss the characters, plot and messages, see you as a reader, explore texts or ideas that might be beyond their 'decoding' ability.

Remember that reading can be reading; books, comics, magazines, newspapers, recipe books, instructions, rules for games, poems, signs, etc, etc.


There are lots of ways that you can encourage your child to write at home. Write lists, letters to whanau or friends living out of town, keep a diary, etc, etc. [The websites below have lots of other great ideas at your child's level, so check them out!]

Our Mangapapa Readers and Writers Facebook page also has lots of great ideas for supporting literacy learning at home.


Cards and dice are such a great way to reinforce maths learning at home. Flip a card and have your child tell you... one more, one less, ten more, ten less; double the number, multiply it by a given number, list all the ways you could make that number, play make 10 snap, or memory; flip two cards and say how many more to make 100, etc, etc.

Talk to your child's teacher about other great maths activities that you could try, or look at the links below for more ideas.


These Ministry of Education Resources provide parents/whanau with a brief introduction to the National Standards and ideas for supporting your children's learning at home. Click on the image below and it will take you to the MOE website.

In addition, this website has some ideas for whanau who would like to support learning at home. Click on the image to take you to this website which has some great ideas for supporting Reading, Writing and Mathematics learning at home.